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LETTERS - Carl Benjamin is the ugly new face of alt-right Ukip

Issue No. 2654

Ukip leader Gerard Batten speaking at a Brexit betrayal rally in March. He has encouraged far right figures to get involved with Ukip

Ukip leader Gerard Batten speaking at a 'Brexit betrayal' rally in March. He has encouraged far right figures to get involved with Ukip (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Ukip has come out of its dusty corner for the European Parliament elections, with new ideas and representatives that even its former leader Nigel Farage condemns.

One of these is YouTuber Carl Benjamin—aka Sargon of Akkad—one of Ukip’s candidates in the South West for the European elections.

Benjamin disgustingly tweeted to Labour MP Jess Phillips, claiming that he “wouldn’t even rape her”. Not only did he refuse to apologise, in April this year he added in a YouTube video, “with enough pressure, I might cave”.

Benjamin explains his unapologetic position on the tweet due to the fact that he said he “wouldn’t”. This claim of innocence falls through when you listen to the “political ideas” that Benjamin explores on his YouTube channel.

Sargon of Akkad, with almost one million subscribers, is a troll channel.

Most of its success comes from anti-feminist ideas alongside “scepticisms of modern society”.

The name Sargon of Akkad supposedly comes from a “love of history and the lessons it teaches us”.

That’s contradicted by claims such as that sexual and violent assaults against women are on the rise because modern feminism suppresses men.

Or that assault is due to single mothers not being able to raise children with awareness of consent. Or that women have always had a dominant role in society, but their transition into politics is what is destroying society itself.

Benjamin continuously sympathises with abusers, rapists and paedophiles, while consistently blaming victims for any assault they have experienced.

He is always proclaiming his right to free speech, which he is granted through his YouTube channel.

That channel is used to slander women and minorities.

That’s the true intent of right wingers fighting for “free speech”.

Abigail Head, Bristol

Capitalism hits the bees

One irony of being a beekeeper is that it’s easier to keep bees in a town than in most of the countryside.

This is because much of the countryside is a toxic green desert.

Capitalist monoculture means ripping up hedgerows and spraying fields with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides which damage bees and the wider ecosystem.

If there are flowering plants, they’re all the same and they all flower at the same time.

It’s like a human eating unlimited Big Macs for one month and nothing for the rest of the year. It’s not as if most farmers benefit from this. It’s the banks, agro-chemical companies and supermarket chains that make huge profits from a collapsing ecosystem.

Adam Rose, urban beekeeper, Manchester

No title - but entitled to a life of privilege

it was reported last week that mothers are struggling to buy cots and prams for their babies because of the cuts in Universal Credit.

In the same week, a baby was born into a family with a much different relationship with state benefits.

The media are celebrating a baby who will never do a day’s work, but will live in luxury at the expense of those who do.

There is a further hypocrisy. Only last week in Palestine a four-month old baby was killed—and children in Yemen don’t have access to food to keep them alive.

Yet the mainstream media focuses its headlines on the “tragic” news that the royal baby—like the other 755,042 babies born in Britain last year—might not have a title.

Isabel Ringrose, York

Sats tests set us up for work

Sats tests are damaging to the wellbeing of young people forced to go through them and do not provide useful information regarding their ­development.

But usefulness was never the point behind their imposition.

They are a means of acclimatising young people to the alienating nature of work in a capitalist economy before they enter the labour force.

Workers who have learnt from their formative years that life is about chasing impossible targets are less likely to organise and demand fair treatment.

No society can flourish when its people are alienated from their work and from each other.

We need the creation of an education system that respects craft and promotes collaborative working.

Adam Colclough, Stoke

Waste plans up in smoke

Swansea residents have won their fight against an application to build an incinerator by Biffa.

The campaign involved the whole community with over 2,500 objections sent, protests and leaflets.

On the day of the council decision, Swansea Extinction Rebellion chained the gates of the Biffa plant closed.

Hundreds of people turned up to protest outside the meeting.

The application was rejected unanimously.

Alan Thomson, Swansea

Is Robinson really a Nazi?

Your dossier on Tommy Robinson last week called him a Nazi (Socialist Worker 8 May).

He is a thug but I think it’s over exaggerating to call him a Nazi.

Andres Viveros, On Facebook

He was in a Nazi party. He says Nazi things.

He organised violent street protests. He will lie to get publicity, like Nazis do—and Nazi murderers admire him.

Colin Surrell, On Facebook

Fight racists everywhere

Good front page last week—we can’t let the racists and fascists win (Socialist Worker 8 May).

Elections are one form of fighting and another part is to deter them on the streets.

Cahit Cetinkaya, On Facebook

Take all the racists off air

I’m glad that Danny Baker’s been taken off the airwaves for a racist joke about the royal baby.

Maybe now the BBC can see its way to banning the racist Nigel Farage too.

Lindsey Ortiz, Inverness

Solar, so bad for parliament

Two weeks ago parliament passed a motion declaring a “climate emergency”.

Last week the government raised the VAT tax on the installation of solar panels on houses.

Seems we can’t trust the politicians to tackle climate change for us.

Emily Sawyer, Basingstoke

Kop that, Theresa May

The seriously deluded Theresa May compared her handling of Brexit with Liverpool FC’s stunning 4-0 victory over Barcelona.

Not at all. Unlike Liverpool “You’ll always walk alone,” Theresa May.

Sasha Simic, East London

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