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Fight the climate crisis and organise a socialist revolution

Issue No. 2661


It's time to fight for the climateand a socialist society (Pic: Guy Smallman)

In 2019 it is more urgent than ever that we fight for socialism.

Earth is in meltdown.

Yet those who run the system continue to ignore repeated warnings from climate scientists.

Profit comes before people’s needs every time.

On Monday researchers revealed that the vast expanse of sea ice around Antarctica has suffered a “precipitous” fall since 2014. It has melted at an even faster rate than seen in the Arctic.

Such news—and there are similar reports every week—is why millions of people want action over the destruction of the planet.

Movements such as the school strikes and Extinction Rebellion are important.

Wildfires are spreading in Spain and people are dying across Europe due to terrifyingly high temperatures.

At the same time Donald Trump has announced that any action against climate change would be a threat to the economy.

While big business rakes in money, working class people are the first to suffer the consequences of climate change. Socialism—collective control of resources, democracy in every sphere of life, workers’ power and internationalism—can change this.


We won’t save the planet in a society dominated by the priorities of billionaires and divided by competing states.

The rulers who sit on top of a system bristling with nuclear weapons will never dismantle the capitalist class rule that threatens us all.

Their logic is to fight to defend a system that could destroy Earth.

Meanwhile, the Tories are voting for a prime minister that nobody asked for.

Those governing Britain fight among themselves, while services such as the NHS are being dismantled.

We face the prospect of a racist misogynist in Number 10 who believes that foodbanks are “fantastic”.

Boris Johnson is a prime example of how capitalism puts the rich before those in need.

We need a general election, but getting one will need far more struggle—and the struggle will be needed whoever is in government.

The popularity of left wing politicians such as Jeremy Corbyn in Britain and Bernie Sanders in the US is a sign that people want change.

But winning change requires using all our strength, and in particular the power of organised workers.

Revolts in Sudan and Hong Kong should serve as an inspiration for socialists everywhere. Ordinary people are flooding the streets. Many demand not just greater democracy but much bigger changes.

The revolution we need means tearing power away from a minority who offer only poverty, war, racism and climate chaos.

Winning that revolution means we have to be organised.

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