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Does the Cambridge Analytica documentary make a hackish point?

Issue No. 2665

Brittany Kaiser

Brittany Kaiser

There have been many attempts to portray Donald Trump’s presidential election victory and the vote for Britain to leave the European Union as linked.

The directors of a film about Tahrir Square and the Egyptian Revolution, The Square, have produced a film about the Cambridge Analytica scandal that does this explicitly.

The infamous hacking firm’s links to the Trump campaign and the Vote Leave campaign have been well-publicised. Yet there is not enough evidence to make the argument convincingly.

The interviews are revealing, as much about Cambridge Analytica figures’ perception of themselves as all-powerful as about anything else.

There are serious problems with the narrative that Brexit and Trump are linked.

The Great Hack’s explanation is that people were duped by shady hackers. This doesn’t explain the deeper reasons behind either vote.

But anyone who wants two hours of hate against the arrogance and contempt that permeate the top layers of society, and particularly the tech industry, should look no further.

Alistair Farrow

Another Life

Streaming service Netflix throws another sci-fi romp onto the pile with Another Life.

A crew is whizzing through space at faster than the speed of light. Climate change has irreversibly changed Earth.

Interesting political points can’t lighten an often leaden script though.

Available on Netflix

The Boys

Extreme violence and bad language are weapons in the fight against superheros.

This series sees a secret government agency tasked with keeping the murderous “supes” in check.

The baddies are sponsored by a huge corporation. Their supreme unconcern for other people leaves the skin crawling.

Swaggering machismo and sexism are major problems with a programme that could have been far more enjoyable.

Adapted from the comic book written by Garth Ennis.
Available on Amazon Prime and elsewhere

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