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Political chaos in Britain after court judgement - drive the Tories out now

by Charlie Kimber
Issue No. 2673

Boris Johnson with arch neoliberal Emmanuel Macron at the UN summit in New York

Boris Johnson with arch neoliberal Emmanuel Macron at the UN summit in New York (Pic: Number 10/Flickr)

The Tories have to be driven out—now.

In a shattering blow to prime minister Boris Johnson, the Supreme Court decided on Tuesday that his suspension of parliament was “unlawful, void and of no effect”.

The extraordinary judgement was the worst possible result for the government.

Johnson was under immense pressure to resign..

Speaker John Bercow immediately said “the House of Commons must convene without delay”.

Parliament was set to reassemble on Wednesday.

Delegates at the Labour Party conference chanted, “Johnson out” as the news came through.

Jeremy Corbyn said, “I invite Boris Johnson to consider his position and become the shortest serving prime minister there has ever been.”

Labour members spoke to Socialist Worker after the court ruling. Peter Ashurst said, “There's got to be a vote of no confidence. We've got to push for a general election.

An election campaign has got to be on the amazing policies we have. It's got to be on the green industrial revolution and the fact we've just agreed a zero carbon economy by 2030.

The Conservatives have ruined this country. We've got to show people we've got an alternative.

Veronica added, “We have to be as radical as possible. Because radical times call for radical policies.

Wherever you look there's a crisis and only a Corbyn government is going to be able to do anything about it.

There needs to be an election now—and Labour MPs need to vote for it as soon as parliament reassembles.


Calling it should not depend on the timetable of Brexit, but on the overriding need to get the Tories out.

Johnson’s only card left is to pose as the defender of democracy against elite judges, MPs and the media who ignore 17.4 million Leave voters.

The more an election is delayed in favour of waiting for no-deal to be avoided, the stronger his fake claims will look.

The way to deflate Johnson is to take him on at the polls.

Labour should put forward a Brexit that favours working class people, to highlight the issues of austerity, racism and climate change where the Tories are so weak.

Labour can win if it runs an insurgent campaign based on radical polices.

The future can’t be left to judges.

While many may celebrate the court’s verdict, it underlines how judges are able to reach into highly political decisions.

It is now easier to imagine them striking down radical measures from Labour.

The British political system is in chaos. We don’t need talk of “national unity,” we need to start class war.

This is a moment to force the Tories out, rip up the neoliberal polices of the last 45 years and to put people before profit.

National Demonstration - Protest at the Tory party conference. Sunday 29 September, Manchester, assemble 12 noon Oxford Rd. Called by the People's Assembly

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