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Take action to stop cuts, racism and the climate catastrophe

by Nick Clark
Issue No. 2684

There were massive protests after the general election in 2017

There were massive protests after the general election in 2017 (Pic: Guy Smallman)

We have to go out and fight. Socialist Worker goes to press before the general election takes place on Thursday.

But what is clear was that millions of people will vote for what Labour’s manifesto promised—real change.

They will vote for a party that promises a million climate jobs in “green” industries, an end to the hated Universal Credit benefit and 100,000 new council homes.

None of that anger or desire for change will go away after the general election. Neither will all the right wing forces who want to crush it and hold it back.

It’s worth remembering how much things have changed in the past few years. Before Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, the idea that a party with left wing policies could mount a serious challenge was thought laughable. That feels a long time ago now.

That’s because Corbynism tapped into something in Britain that exists all over the world.

Deep-seated frustration after decades of falling wages, unemployment or crap jobs, rising prices, and privatised public services run down for profit.


Hatred of the elite that got rich off all that, and mistrust of the politicians and experts who told us it was the only way.

It’s the same feeling that lies behind revolts in countries right across the world—from Chile in South America to Iran in the Middle East. It would be a crime if the left squandered that feeling in Britain by resting on our laurels, or digging in to fight internal battles in the Labour Party.

The first thing to do after the election is to get on the streets. If Labour wins, we want to be celebrating—and gearing up for the battles to come.

If Boris Johnson gets back in we want to be raging—even rioting—at the prospect of just one more day of Tory rule.

And whatever the outcome of the election, there will be battles that we all need to get behind.

One is the strike by guards on South Western Railway, who have been fighting for years to save their jobs.

Another big one is the fight by university workers to defend their pensions, and win better wages for the lowest paid.

They are battles that should resonate with workers in every industry who’ve faced similar attacks.

Then there is the movement over climate change. The outcome of the election won’t affect the fact that we desperately need system change—an end to capitalism—to avoid a climate catastrophe.

The climate movement led by striking school students and Extinction Rebellion has to keep going—and growing.

These are the struggles we have to build and spread.

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