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Ghislaine Maxwell arrested but abuser prince still refuses to talk

Issue No. 2712

Prince Andrew and Virgina Roberts (middle) in the London flat of Ghislaine Maxwell (far right)

Prince Andrew and Virgina Roberts (middle) in the London flat of Ghislaine Maxwell (far right)

Ghislaine Maxwell is charged with procuring underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with, and engaging in sexual activity with them herself.

The arrest will once again focus attention on the role of Prince Andrew.

He secretly met Maxwell inside Buckingham Palace on 6 June last year.

It was two weeks after her abuser friend Epstein was placed under a new investigation by US cops.

Maxwell had introduced Epstein to the sweat-free prince.

Prince Andrew met Epstein, the billionaire paedophile, at least ten times over the course of their 12-year friendship.

Epstein had up to 13 phone numbers for the queen’s second son. Epstein apparently took his own life last year after being charged with sex trafficking offences involving girls as young as 14.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, has alleged she had a series of sexual encounters with the duke, which he denies, culminating in what she has said was a sex party on a Caribbean island owned by Epstein.

Medical records reveal that Roberts, by then 18, checked into a hospital on 9 July that year.

She had endured “irregular vaginal bleeding” over three weeks, as well as “dizziness, nausea, vomiting” and “sharp, low abdominal pain”, the medical records show.

Giuffre says she was introduced to Andrew in 2001. She said, “It was horrible and this guy was sweating all over me. I was just like grossed out from it, but I knew I had to keep him happy because that’s what Jeffrey and Ghislaine would have expected from me.”

Andrews’ supporters claim a photograph of Andrew, Giuffre and Maxwell in Maxwell’s flat is a fake.

US prosecutors say they have repeatedly asked for evidence from Andrew but he has not replied.

Councils break law on homelessness

Councils across England are systematically breaking the law by relocating hundreds of homeless people and failing to inform the authorities receiving them.

By law, local authorities that move homeless people to new boroughs are supposed to notify the council in charge.

At least 60 councils failed to do this.

The investigation found that Bradford in West Yorkshire had received at least 290 households from 31 different boroughs in the past two years.

Many people had been moved from London, Kent and Essex.

Seven London authorities have spent over £80 million on homes in other London boroughs, Kent, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.

Since 2018, homeless people had been moved a total of 400,000 miles away from their local areas.

It’s the equivalent of moving 16 times around the world.

200,000 times sewage dumped in rivers

Water firms across England dumped raw sewage into rivers for more than 1.5 million hours in 2019. The Guardian newspaper found that firms dumped the untreated human waste into rivers over 200,000 times.

The rivers affected include the Thames, the Avon, the Severn and the Wharfe.

Discharge of untreated human waste is permitted only in “exceptional circumstances” according to a ruling from the European Court of Justice.

A source from the water industry said it had ignored warnings about spills from combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into waterways for years.

CSOs are storm pipes that allow rain, untreated sewage and runoff to discharge into waterways.

Some 6,508 inland CSOs released untreated sewage into rivers 204,134 times in 2019.

No legs and chained to a hospital bed

A vulnerable disabled man was handcuffed to a prison officer or his hospital bed constantly for 12 days shortly before he died of organ failure.

Timothy Slater was taken to hospital three times in September and October last year.

He had woken breathless, unable to move and without any feeling on one side of his body.

He had both legs amputated. Yet he was locked to a prison officer on the way there each time, and also restrained in his hospital bed.

A prison watchdog investigation said the decision to handcuff him while he was seriously ill was “not justified”.

Timothy was eventually transferred to an intensive care unit, where he died the next day.

And because the prison, HMP Hewell, had technically released him from their charge, it wasn’t required to contribute to his funeral costs.

Cummings’ pad was illegal

Further details of the planning breaches at Dominic Cummings’ lockdown cottage have emerged.

The Durham County Council inquiry shows the house on his family farm was in breach of planning laws.

Durham County Council found several infringements but concluded enforcement action could not be taken because changes were made too long ago.

Planning inspectors also found the main property on the farm had been extended without planning permission.

Durham County Council has said the issue of whether the cottage is liable for council tax has been referred to the Valuation Agency Officer, part of HMRC, which will not comment on individual cases

Woman faces decades of NHS debt due to migrant charges

A migrant woman facing decades of repayments to the NHS has lost a court case challenging the charging system.

The Tory system charges migrants for receiving NHS services. The woman, who hasn’t been named, has been charged £10,636 for maternity care.

She is repaying it at £10 a month. Charity Maternity Action said it helped 400 poor and pregnant migrant women last year.

Rees-Mogg fan investigated over racism

An activist who thought Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg is a “hero” is being investigated by the Tories over racism.

Katie Fanning allegedly made racist remarks on her Facebook page, where she called Black Lives Matter protesters “terrorists”.

She said they came from “third world shitholes” and should be sent back “to go act like animals outside civilised society”.

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