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Unite and fight to Kill the Bill

by Isabel Ringrose
Issue No. 2752

Thousands protested to Kill the Bill in London last week.

Thousands protested to Kill the Bill in London last week. (Pic: Guy Smallman)

International Workers’ Day, Saturday 1 May, will be the third national day of action against the bill.

If it passes, protests will face severe restrictions. Cops will feel more able to unleash the sort of violence seen at some recent Kill the Bill protests and at the Clapham Common vigil for Sarah Everard.

The bill will also make life even harder for Roma, Gypsy and Travellers and bring in new criminal offences.

The Kill the Bill ­movement, made up of a coalition of groups, has called for a mass movement against the government.

In London there is set to be a rally in Trafalgar Square, and others have been called in Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, and other cities and towns. It’s vital there are ­protests everywhere against the Tories’ repressive plans.

The bill cannot be beaten through manoeuvres in parliament—it is the street movement that has the potential to force change.

Already the protests have forced Labour leader Keir Starmer to say his party will vote against the bill on its second reading in parliament.

More pressure from below, at a time when the Tories are vulnerable—up to their necks in cronyism and corruption—can damage them even further.

Join the Kill The Bill protests on 1 May
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The protests on 1 May, could link up with more action by organised workers.

A meeting of trade ­unionists last Thursday resolved to take on the bill and build the day of action.

The police bill is a direct threat to the trade union movement—and it must start mobilising against it.

Working class people hold immense power if they strike and walk out of workplaces in defiance of the bill.

York university law lecturer Joanna Gilmore argued, “Our response has to be one of unity, solidarity and action.

“Just as we defend the right to strike by going out on strike, we need to defend the right to protest by protesting.”

And NEU education union joint general secretary Kevin Courtney urged “everyone on this call to get involved”.

Courtney asked, “Does your trade union branch want to organise a protest that has some impact?

“This bill affects you if you want to have an impact.”

He added, “This is a huge step in the wrong direction for our country. It’s right to resist it.”

Trade unionists must now be out on the streets—and take the radicalism of the Kill The Bill movement into their workplaces.

Fury against the bill can be turned to rage at the system for the chaos it causes.

We can kill the bill but leaving the capitalist system intact will lead to further unjust legislation.

The power of organised united workers can bring about real change that many are currently fighting for.

The Tories and their bill must be a key focus on 1 May with as many people fighting back as possible.

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