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Inside Job pokes fun at conspiracy theories, and the system they mistrust

by Gabby Thorpe
Issue No. 2779

Cynical scientist Raegen gets caught in Rick and Morty-style adventures, in Inside Job

Cynical scientist Raegen gets caught in Rick and Morty-style adventures, in Inside Job

Groups such as QAnon have turned conspiracy theories from something to laugh at, into real and dangerous ideas. But Inside Job aims to return them to sillier ground.

It centres around Cognito Inc, a company covering up all of the “deep state” conspiracies it is possible to think of. Cynical scientist Raegen is trying to get to the top, whilst dealing with Rick and Morty-style misadventures.

Meanwhile her father Rand is a caricature of conspiracy theorists—having been fired from running the company and sent into a spiral.

The two of them are surrounded by a cast of secret agents, dolphins and strange aliens.

The show packs in every famous conspiracy from history into its episodes.

From lizard people to cloning, everyone is bound to have heard of at least a few.

Inside Job is mostly funny and fast-paced.

But with the endless outpouring of adult animation, it could easily get lost. The concept is clever, but some of the jokes miss their mark.

It takes jabs at US jingoism and Facebook, though sometimes it feels as if these ideas could be sharper and taken further.

And the episodes are around half an hour. The standard 20 minutes for cartoons could have benefitted everyone here.

The speed at which it makes references also means that there isn’t always enough time to appreciate the cleverness of the writing.

This is a shame given the length of the episodes and the potential for ideas to really hit their target.

Starring the voices of Lizzie Caplan and Christian Slater, Inside Job seems sure to enjoy the success of a second season.

It will be interesting to see where it goes. And hopefully it will develop the elements of sharpness which make it worth watching.

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