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Stuff the jubilee - royals are the real parasites

Issue No. 1802

FILTHY RICH parasites-that is who we are supposed to celebrate this weekend. Most people will enjoy a few days off work this weekend. Those at the top of society want us to spend it doffing our caps and showing our gratitude for 50 years of the queen's reign.

They want us to sing God Save the Queen, wave the Union Jack, and forget about war, poverty, rotten housing, crumbling hospitals and lethally unsafe railways. The jubilee is about encouraging the view that the majority of people have to bow down and show deference to our 'superiors and betters'. The queen and the rest of her family stand at the top of a dung heap of privileged and wealthy people.

Most people will be going back to work after the jubilee holiday. The royals certainly won't. They and the whole class they represent will spend the rest of the summer living it up at a whirl of social events.

They'll be out in force at race meetings like Royal Ascot, yacht regattas like Cowes, or 'coming out' balls for the offspring of the idle rich. The politicians who fawn in front of this wealthy elite have the cheek to try and tell us that penniless refugees and asylum seekers fleeing war, poverty and persecution are the problem.

Any one of the queen's palaces could house all the asylum seekers in the Sangatte refugee camp. Those seeking asylum in Britain could make a far more useful contribution to society than the queen.

They have far more skills than the royals and all the rest of the rich circus. The royals and their hangers on are the real scroungers. They are a symbol of a sick system. Socialist Worker says stuff their jubilee-get rid of all the royals.

Palaces, jewels, cars, furs, wine

THE QUEEN is one of the richest people in the world. The pro-royal Mail on Sunday did a special investigation into her wealth last year. It argued that previous estimates had badly understated how rich she was. It reckoned her private wealth was £1.15 billion, not counting royal palaces, art collections and the like.

The queen personally owns:

  • Property worth £61 million, as well as official residences like Balmoral, worth £4 million. She also owns a stud farm near Newbury and a deer forest in the Highlands.
  • Racehorses worth £3.6 million.
  • Stamps worth £102 million. Her stamp collection is a bit bigger than most. It is kept in 300 albums and 200 boxes.
  • Jewels worth £72 million. The most valuable are the 105 Cullinan diamonds, cut from what was the world's biggest diamond.
  • Furs worth £1 million. The queen has 30 luxury furs in special refrigerated storage units at Buckingham Palace.
  • Cars worth £7.1 million.
  • Wine worth £2 million.

She also gets an annual income of £7.3 million from the lands and investments of the Duchy of Lancaster.

What a rotten family

THE QUEEN is always very careful not to let her real views slip out. But the closest members of her family have not been so guarded.

  • Prince Philip is well known for his racist views.

    In 1986 he told a group of British students in China, 'If you stay here much longer you'll all be slitty-eyed.' In 1994 he asked a local person from the Cayman Islands, 'Aren't most of you descended from pirates?' In 1999, when touring an electronics factory in Edinburgh, he pointed to a fuse box which had wires spilling out of it and said, 'It looks as though it was put in by an Indian.' Earlier this year on the jubilee world tour in Australia he insulted an aboriginal leader by asking, 'Do you still throw spears at each other?'

  • Princess Margaret, the queen's sister, was also a bigot.

    She stormed out of a screening of the anti-Nazi film Schindler's List, describing it as a 'tedious film about Jews'. When visiting Chicago she told the Irish American mayor that the Irish were 'pigs-all pigs'. She said she hated 'little brown people' from India.

  • The Queen Mother used to describe black people as 'nig-nogs' or 'blackamoors'.

    She opposed all immigration and thought black people were incapable of running countries.

£1 billion deal

WHEN THE queen first came to the throne 50 years ago she cut a nice deal with then prime minister Winston Churchill. It means she is the only person in the country able to reclaim tax on dividends and interest from investments in British companies. That has netted her around £1 billion.

THE EARL and Countess of Wessex are 'retiring' from their business ventures.

They won't be short of money though. They will get £249,000 a year from public funds via the 'civil list'. And they will still live at their 57-room Surrey mansion which costs the public £250,000 a year to maintain.

The prince in the tower

PRINCE JOHN was the younger brother of kings Edward VIII and George VI. He was brought up with his brothers in the bosom of the royal household-until he was 12 years old, that is. Then he was packed off to an asylum for the mentally ill.

His 'loving family' never visited him. His picture was removed from all family portraits. He died alone in the institution in 1919. His death was not announced. Prince John's crime was to be an epileptic.

The royal family believed that if his illness was widely known they would be thought of as weak. So they cast him off.

They're all at it

THE REST of the queen's family are just as parasitical and nearly as rich as her. Prince Charles has a personal wealth of around £346 million. The Queen Mother was worth around £53 million when she died recently. Prince Philip is worth £28 million in his own right.

Prince William already has £22 million stashed away and his younger brother, Harry, is even richer, with £25 million in his royal piggy bank.

She owns seabed

The queen gets massive handouts from public funds. Last year her 'official' expenditure, funded by us, was £35 million.. She gets £7.9 million a year directly from public funds on the 'civil list'. As well as land she owns personally she also owns the 'crown estate' through her position as sovereign.

This includes 120,000 hectares of agricultural land and the entire seabed around Britain. The crown estate produced £147.7 million profit last year. The queen's palaces at Balmoral in Scotland and Sandringham in Norfolk are her private property. But as queen she also has at her disposal Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace, Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle.

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Sat 1 Jun 2002, 00:00 BST
Issue No. 1802
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