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Issue No. 1935

“It’s a little like the Che T-shirt worn by many adolescents who haven’t the slightest idea who Mr Guevara was.”
David Aaronovitch, Observer columnist, on Prince Harry’s Nazi costume

“The beginning of wisdom is to realise that the US can’t win in Iraq.”
James Dobbins of the Rand Corporation

“Today I would not be in much shape to hold elections in those provinces.”
US Lieutenant General Thomas Metz commander of US forces on the areas where elections won’t take place

“I believe there will be elections in Iraq in January, and I suspect very shortly afterwards you will see a reduction in US forces—not because US planners will seek it, but because Iraqis will demand it.”
US Lieutenant General James T Conway

“I think we will be engaged with our military in Iraq for, perhaps, three, five, perhaps ten years.”
General Tommy R Franks

who commanded the invasion of Iraq

“He’s a big supporter. Our donation is just a small way of supporting him in his extremely valuable work.”
John Kane, chief lobbyist for the Nuclear Energy Institute on the $100,000 donation for Bush’s inauguration

“The election in Iraq is not going to be perfect.”
Scott McClellan White House press secretary

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Sat 22 Jan 2005, 00:00 GMT
Issue No. 1935
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