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We will resist U.S. empire, say voices across Middle East

Issue No. 1943

“Iraqi culture is being crushed under the tracks of US tanks,” says Dahr Jamail, one of the few independent journalists reporting from occupied Iraq. He is clear what is happening there.

He tells Socialist Worker this week that “day by day… more people have been enraged by the occupation and are joining the resistance”.

The anti-war movement takes to the streets in force on Saturday to show the massive and continuing anger at the occupation of Iraq and the threat of war against Iran and Syria.

The London marchers and those protesting in other countries around the world will show solidarity with people in Iraq and across the Middle East who are standing up in the face of the US empire.

In Lebanon Bush claims to champion freedom and democracy but Bassem Chit reports from Beirut that “the US is fanning the flames of civil war”.

Iran too is a target. Roudabegh Shafie of the newly established campaign Action Iran says, “The US is doing nothing about Israel’s nuclear weapons. And its deepening intervention in the Middle East is making the threat of proliferation more likely.

“As for freedom — women’s groups, student activists and human rights campaigners in Iraq are all saying that if you care about democracy, then don’t let the US and its allies bomb the people in Iran who are campaigning for those rights.”

Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, says, “Saturday’s demonstration is about saying we don’t want any more Bush wars, we want the troops brought home from Iraq and we’re campaigning to end the terror laws—we believe there’s also a war on us at home.

“It is about solidarity with the people of Iraq, Iran and the rest of the Middle East. It is about asserting our right to protest and our solidarity with the Muslim community in this country.

“We’ll protest while any troops are left in Iraq. And if Bush does go into any more wars, we’ll continue on the streets.”

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