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Respect: 'our chance to shake up politics' in the general election

George Galloway MP explains why Respect's campaign already has Labour rattled

Issue No. 1946

Remember how you felt when Tony Blair took us into the Iraq war, treating with contempt the majority of the population and the two million people who marched against it?

Remember when poodle New Labour MPs trooped into the lobbies to price working class students out of university by introducing top-up fees? Remember when government ministers said firefighters struggling for a decent wage were “fascists” and “criminally irresponsible”?

Over the next month you should remember all that and more — for none of the mainstream parties will want to remind you.

They hope to get through this election on the Basil Fawlty principle — “Don’t mention the war” — and with as little participation by voters as possible. The monumental postal voting fraud revealed this week in Birmingham shows how low New Labour has sunk.

If Blair cannot steal your vote, he’d rather you didn’t vote at all, then he can pretend that mass abstention is a sign of contentment.

Respect — the Unity Coalition is determined to wipe the smile off his face in what is, despite the bland parties, a historically important election.

Where our candidates are challenging New Labour stooges we have a real chance of making a breakthrough, particularly in east London where we topped the poll in the European elections last June.

We represent the values of generations of Labour supporters. They are the values of peace, solidarity, public ownership and respect for all communities, which Blair has so mercilessly ground into the dirt.

For the first time in two generations there is the chance for a party that embodies those hopes to win parliamentary seats in England and Wales in the teeth of opposition by Labour Party leaders.

But we have a mountain to climb. We are asking you to do all in your power to help us.

We are asking you to vote for us where you can, or vote with your feet by travelling to the nearest Respect constituency to help the campaign. Everywhere we need your financial support, your energies and your enthusiasm.

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