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Galloway spoke for all of us

Following his triumphant senate appearance, Respect’s MP has been deluged with e-mails. We print extracts

Issue No. 1953

Caroline and Peter show some of the e-mails that have poured into Respect’s office

Caroline and Peter show some of the e-mails that have poured into Respect’s office

I have just come from the BBC website where they host some excerpts of George Galloway’s magnificent defence in front of the US senate committee.

It’s good to see a man defend himself against a regime which is rife with lies and corruption, who hold the belief that if you tell a lie often enough it will be believed.

Galloway was having none of it and has actually told some home truths to the senate committee about their own conduct pertaining to Saddam Hussein.


To watch you on TV handle the lunatics that run the asylum with ease, made me proud — excellent job, well done.

Simon, Lipetsk Oblast, the Russian Federation

George, that was the best 30 minutes of TV I’ve seen in 40 years. “Well done” seems somewhat inadequate.


Only three words to say, George: brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

I am not a constituent, although I do live in London. I was gripped by the live coverage on Sky News and was impressed by his testimony.


Although I have to excuse myself for my somewhat “broken” English, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your outstanding performance in front of the oil for food commission.

I’m from the Netherlands and I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see and hear someone, in such an eloquent way, taking a stance against those self-proclaimed “freedom fighters” who twist and turn the truths just as it suits them.

I could only wish the politicians over here would have had the same backbone you displayed.

F R, Amsterdam

Sincere congratulations on your brilliant exposure of the Iraq warmongers on their own doorstep.

Few in this country believe the lies and smears that are being made against you in a vain effort to divert attention away from the real criminals.

With the strength and encouragement that we draw from your successes nationally and internationally, and from our own locally, we will continue to fight for justice and for the war criminals to be brought to trial — however long it takes.

Councillor Peter Franzen, leader of the Community Action Party

I can’t say that I am fully in accord with Mr Galloway’s politics — but he’s growing on me. His performance in Washington was magnificent.

He’s certainly got guts, intelligence and backbone. I look forward to seeing him in such fine form in parliament soon.


George, well done for your election and for defending yourself and half the British population who were, and are still, against this disgusting war.

Now come home and get rid of the liar Blair and his cronies. I want to see the liar go in complete disgrace.

My son watching you on BBC News 24 said, “Makes you feel proud to be British, dad.” Right on. My wife was clapping and shouting, “Go for the bastards, George.”

Roger, Shrivenham

If I lived in England you would get my vote. You are the best thing to hit British politics since sliced bread!

Why didn’t you win the general election? Win all the by-elections. You overshadow T Blair who I have supported from abroad for eight years. Where have you been? Go George go!

Alex, Finland

Probably, like 90 percent of the country, I do not really do politics, and that’s maybe why we are in the mess we are in. But I know that something is wrong in the way the US is controlling the world.

George was outstanding. I will certainly read your policies now to see if I can agree with any more of them.


Could you please pass on my congratulations to Mr Galloway for his stand against the Iraq war, and for his honesty and presence when facing the senate committee.

There are many people who support his campaign to bring to the attention of the public the truth as to why we supported the US in the injust war. Saddam was an evil man, but there were other ways to deal with him.

It was a sad day when our own government had to deceive the country to persuade the public to support them. I am a Labour Party supporter.


I watched you over the internet here in Thailand. God bless you George Galloway.

Paul, Bangkok, Thailand

Extremely well done, George. Your words in front of the senate committee could not have expressed any better my shared feelings about the Iraq war and all those hypocritical neo-cons sitting in Washington. I will join your party.


We are extremely proud of our lion George Galloway. He performed beautifully in front of the US senate.

Keep on George. You are the best example of truth, which you speak without fear.


Congratulations to George. He took on the world’s most mighty power like David versus Goliath and made them look foolish. He also made me, and Scotland, feel very proud.

I am a former Labour Party member and member of the trade union whose forerunners effectively founded the Labour Representation Committee — before the grandson kicked his grandfather out of the house.


I am e-mailing to commend George Galloway on his openness and meaningful comments against the US administration. Although not involved in politics, I have views very similar to his. Please pass on the message that myself, and I’m sure many others, are very supportive of him in views and that he is doing a great job.


I am a normal working person who is against the war in Iraq. I was glued to the news as I watched George Galloway project the truth about the real war crimes of the governments of Britain and the US with regard to the oil and unlawful war issues.

It is great that Mr Galloway now has a media platform from which he can speak on behalf of many people of Britain.

I am writing this e-mail to show my support for what you are doing and I vow to attend as many of the demonstrations that you organise as I can.

Wesley, Norfolk

I have no political allegiances or beliefs, but I must congratulate you on your honesty and straightforward thinking. The current government is a disgrace and, without rebels like you, we would all be living the lives of sheep.


I would like to thank Mr George Galloway for his presentation to the senate committee. It was a ray of light shining into a bag of scoundrels, which caused them to run like cockroaches.

They were caught off balance and did not know how to handle the truth, being so unprepared, in not having enough time for their spin doctors to tell them what to say.

I am sorry that at this time we cannot vote internationally, as I would cast my vote for Mr Galloway.

Robert , Falmouth, US

George’s virtuoso performance

The Scottish Socialist Party MSP Tommy Sheridan spoke to Socialist Worker:

‘George Galloway's result in the general election was a fantastic boost for the left in the Britain and the anti-war movement across the world.

The favourable showing for Respect in several other seats was also very encouraging.

We in Scotland were sadly squeezed, but we will pick ourselves up in time to engage in the many other industrial battles, the G8 protests and the 2007 elections to the Scottish Parliament which are before us.

George’s performance in Washington last week was quite simply virtuoso.

It brought smiles to the faces of tens of millions across the globe who have waited for years to hear US politicians skewered on the kebab of hypocrisy, lies and distortion.

George spoke brilliantly on behalf of democrats, peace campaigners and socialists everywhere.’

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Sat 28 May 2005, 00:00 BST
Issue No. 1953
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