Socialist Worker

Isaiah by Jean Binta Breeze

Issue No. 1959

de rastaman
tongue full of flames
red righteous brains
descend from de mountains
trod troo de plains
bringing a warning
to a nation gawn insane
de nyaman
chanting fire troo de lan
talk like thunder touch im han
breathe brimstone pon Babylon
Israel, you forget God plan
no more burning dove or ram
no more sacrifice of lamb
no more fasting, no more prayer
God is deaf to your desire
de rastaman
heart beating hard
no stone, no sword, no guard
talking every word de spirit declare
Israel, yuh forget yuh God
corruption mek yuh choose de bad
wickedness defile yuh
vain power start beguile yuh
de lust for blood done spoil you
if God neva mek dat promise to yuh
you woulda sink like Sodom an Gomorrah
yuh woulda run like yuh jus laas yuh shadow
today would be the end of yuh tomorrow
an yuh children would reap pure sorrow
de iyaman
bow im head as im humbly stan
an big Israel come clean
to remember what love mean
an retreat from a murderous scene
stop pushing others to where you've been
you of all should find genocide obscene
God just might let yah een
de binghiman
come to chant dung Babylon
day by day in burning sun
bringing de word of God anger
let Israel tremble and hear
why truth can fill de hunger
Israel be humble and prepare
God's wrath is drawing near
there's land enough to share
let covetousness disappear
offer up a humbler prayer
de rastaman
let words burn across the lan
an wait for God to play im han

© Jean Binta Breeze

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