Socialist Worker

Sun is shining on P-Sol

by Chris Bambery
Issue No. 1966

P-Sol’s logo held aloft over a demonstration at the World Social Forum (Pic:  Jess Hurd/

P-Sol’s logo held aloft over a demonstration at the World Social Forum (Pic: Jess Hurd/

Latin America is in the vanguard of the fight against neo-liberalism. The Brazilian Party of Socialism and Liberty (P-Sol) has put itself at the heart of the creation of a new, global radical left. Recently it organised an international seminar in Rio de Janeiro that brought together socialists from across Latin America, North America and Europe.

Discussions centred on the fight against Bush’s “war on terror”, the situation in Brazil, hints at greater involvement in the forthcoming Mexican presidential elections by Subcommandante Marcos of the Zapatistas, and the defence of the Venezuelan revolution. Support for the Bolivarian revolution was tempered by disquiet over President Chavez’s visit to Brazil days before to re-emphasise support for the embattled president Lula.

Delegates agreed to back the global demonstrations against the occupation of Iraq and to build for the January 2006 World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela.

They also agreed that the emergence of P-Sol — and the possibility of it grouping wider forces from the Brazilian Workers Party, trade unions and landless movement — represented a further step forward in the emergence of a new left opposed to neo-liberalism and war.

Not only is Brazil the biggest country in Latin America, but the crisis provoked by the corruption scandal runs deeper into the organised working class than in any other country.

Concern over events in that country is reflected in Washington’s support for Lula at this time and its calls for “stability” accompanied by threats to Chavez and sabre rattling over the possible election of a left wing government in Bolivia,

The meeting agreed to further cooperation and coordination. P-Sol will be represented at November’s Respect conference in London and welcomes the success of the new party and George Galloway’s election.

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