Socialist Worker

The price of Bush's war: black, poor — left to die

Issue No. 1967

The hurricane that hit New Orleans was a natural disaster. But what followed was pure criminality on the part of George Bush and his administration.

The disaster in New Orleans is about race and class. It speaks volumes about Bush’s America. Those with money left New Orleans, while the poor and the black were left to die.

As the water rose, troops moved in to set up roadblocks controlling movement in and out of the city. Soldiers levelled guns at people left with no food or water in soaring temperatures.

The neo-conservatives rushed to blame the poor who had stayed behind in the city. They did not mention their own failure to deploy public transport to ensure evacuation for all.

Many stayed simply because they had nowhere to go. Others could not get petrol to leave. Those who made it to the Superdome were kept imprisoned for days without food, baby milk, water or medicine.

For others it was a different story. On Wednesday the Hilton Hotel Corporation could proudly announce it had evacuated all 1,600 of its guests and staff from New Orleans.

For 30 years the American elite has waged a war on the majority of its own citizens. The Bush administration has cut spending on welfare, coastal defences and contingency plans for natural disasters. Much of that cash was siphoned off to fight the war in Iraq.

Bush, Cheney, Rice and the whole neo-con gang don’t care about their own citizens, the citizens of Iraq, or those of any other country.

They must be stopped. Let’s express our anger at what has happened in New Orleans and Iraq by marching in our tens of thousands against Bush’s warmongers on 24 September.

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