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Iraqi tells delegates: 'We have common interests'

One of the key speakers in the morning session of the International Peace Conference was Ayatollah Khalisi of the Iraqi National Foundation Congress. He later spoke to Socialist Worker.

Issue No. 1981

The central aim of the Iraqi National Foundation Congress is to unite the anti-occupation organisations in Iraq. Iraq has just emerged from dictatorship, only to find itself under occuption by foreign powers. We need a voice to combat an occupation that actively tries to further fragment the Iraqi people.

The type of neo-colonial occupation that we see in Iraq exerts and maintains its control by dividing the peoples of the world.

It keeps the people of Britain ignorant by telling them that the Iraqi people want the occupation to continue. It tells the Iraqi people that the puppet government has international legitimacy, and that the British people approve of the occupation.

But if the British or American people protest against the war, the Iraqi people get to hear about it.

It’s vital to elect politicians who don’t restrict themselves to considering domestic interests. Instead elect ones that understand the commonality of interests between the Iraqi and British people.

Thanks to Sami Ramadani for translating

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