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Marching to stop the warmongers

by Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition convenor (pc)
Issue No. 1992

Three years on from the most disastrous war of the past half century, we are sleepwalking towards a potentially even greater disaster. Iran is under threat from the “international community” for its supposed attempts to obtain nuclear weapons.

Yet this same “international community” consists of those countries which possess nuclear weapons and use them to maintain their dominance in the world. With war still raging in occupied Afghanistan, Iraq continues on its downward decline.

Three months after the Iraqi elections, which were hailed in the West as a triumph of democracy, there is still no new government in Iraq. The British and the US are desperately trying to force through a government of “national unity”, which would give prominence to those who lost the election.

Government minister Kim Howells described the situation as a “mess”, a masterly understatement in a country where occupying troops have presided over the use of depleted uranium weapons, the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, the bombing of hospitals in Fallujah and the killing of countless Iraqis.


The number of attacks on foreign troops is growing, not declining.

It is common to believe that it is impossible for the US and Britain to create another “mess” by invading Iran. Logic or humility might suggest that, but history and the imperialist war drive tell us otherwise.

When the US was losing in Vietnam, it invaded its neighbours in Laos and Cambodia.

The only lesson learnt by Washington’s hawks in the catastrophe that is the war on terror – now rebranded the long war – is how to disown responsibility for your own disasters.

It is also frequently said that the US and Israel are “only planning air strikes” and don’t have the capacity for another land invasion. But there will be nothing limited about the effect of such a strike. It is likely to kill many Iranian civilians.

Whatever the casualties, it will drag Iran into a war which will have ramifications throughout the region, not least in Israel and Palestine.

Then there will be a war affecting the whole of the Middle East and South Asia, with the horror of Afghanistan and Iraq writ even larger.

We have to continue marching to stop these wars. This weekend nearly 200 marches will be held across the world against the occupation.

Three years on, the failure of the warmongers is there for all to see. Let’s make sure they don’t spill any more blood.

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Sat 18 Mar 2006, 00:00 GMT
Issue No. 1992
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