Socialist Worker

The Spanish Revolution 1936 to 1939

Issue No. 2010

Supporting the Republic

Supporting the Republic

Our commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution starts with Fighting the fascists, creating a new world by Andy Durgan, historical advisor on Ken Loach's Land and Freedom, examining the politics of the cilvil war.

Tens of thousands of volunteers from all over the world went to Spain to fight against fascist forces. More than 2,300 were British or Irish, and 523 of these died on Spanish soil. British veterans spoke to Angeles Rodenas about their experiences.

We also reproduce two short articles written by veterans for the anniversary in 1976, provide a timeline of events and recommend books for further reading.

Finally we interview Michael Eaude who has just written a book on the history and culture of Barcelona, a city at the centre of the Spanish Revolution.

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