Socialist Worker

The power of the Lebanese masses

Issue No. 2015

Refugees returning to their homes in southern Lebanon (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Refugees returning to their homes in southern Lebanon (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Socialist Worker’s reporting team in south Lebanon, Simon Assaf and Guy Smallman, travelled alongside the refugees as they flooded back to their homes early last week. They document the mass movement in the articles making up our Lebanon Report through this week’s paper.

» Lebanon: freedom from below
Organising from below, and working alongside Hizbollah resistance fighters, the refugees thwarted an Israeli plan to grab land between the border and the Litani river as the deadline approached. Israeli forces were trapped between up to a million Lebanese returning from the north and the Hizbollah fighters still in control of the south.

» Was Liban Lait milk factory destroyed for profit?
Guy Smallman describes the wreckage of the Liban Lait dairy plant that supplied the UN with dairy products and was destroyed by Israeli bombs. He interviews the union organiser.

» The battle of Aita al-Shaab
Our reporters have also unearthed stories of resistance from the towns and villages in southern Lebanon - stories that remain untold in the Western media. Interviews with members of the resistance in the border town of Aita al-Shaab show how a united fight back was forged in the face of a month long assault by Israeli tanks and aircraft.

» Hizbollah's media awareness
Banners have been set up in the rubble proclaiming 'Made in USA' in English.

» US and its allies try to regain lost ground
The victory for the resistance in Lebanon is a major blow against both Israeli aggression and George Bush’s plans for a “new Middle East”. However there are those in both the US and Israel who are calling for the use of military force in a desperate attempt to restore their imperial prestige.

» ‘Israel’s defeat has transformed the region’
John Rees of Stop the War spoke to Sameh Naguib from the Centre for Social Studies in Egypt about the consequences of Israel’s defeat

» Solidarity actions in Egypt
John Rees reports back from an emergency meeting of the Cairo Conference organising committee last weekend which called for two key solidarity actions with the people of Lebanon

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