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The ‘war on terror’ and the US on the web

Issue No. 2026

Voters across the US were casting their ballots as Socialist Worker went to press. Here we suggest some of the websites likely to provide comment and analysis of the election, and the crisis surrounding George Bush.

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Traveling Soldier

“My son called this morning. He’s starting to defy the officers. He refused to wear his flame suit on patrol this morning because, he said, ‘A lot good it does, we just lost four guys and they were wearing them, we just have them because of war profiteering. The government gives money to the companies who make this shit and say oh, let’s give it to the soldiers’.”
A military mother in the US writes


“The substantive effect of Campaign 2006 has been to state in terms plain enough for a simpleton to understand, that resistance is futile, since both Republicans and Democrats agree that the Bill of Rights is a dead letter and that wars must go on, and jobs disappear.”
Alexander Cockburn writes on the lacklustre campaign by the Democrats in the US elections

The Nation

“An editorial like this one, published on the day before national elections, cannot be read as anything but a clarion call to the American people to vote ‘no’ in what the president has made a referendum on retaining Rumsfeld.”
John Nichols writes in the Nation, a liberal US magazine, on the eve of the midterm elections


“Our children are precious and irreplaceable. Not pieces in an evil game of Stratego that has no end for us bereaved families who will never be the same because of this inhuman era.”
Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq, writes in the ZNet webzine

Open Democracy

“A candidate’s chances of being elected to Congress depend critically on the amount of money he or she has to spend, and in particular on how much they can spend on television advertising.”
Godfrey Hodgson on the US elections

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