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The story of how Corbyn’s compromises led to defeat

Left Out is a book for people who think Keir Starmer is doing a good job. But it also holds some valuable lessons for genuine socialists—and hard truths about the Labour Party.

QAnon conspiracy theorists are important for Trump—and they’re dangerous

QAnon followers have been egged on by a president who promised them vengeance against their enemies and never followed through

Tour de France—how bosses are putting profits above safety

As the year’s biggest cycling event begins Nick Clark investigates if such sporting events can be safe in the Covid-19 pandemic

Joe Biden’s coronation will not bring real change 

As Democrats pick corporate favourite Joe Biden as their presidential candidate to face Donald Trump,  Sophie Squire says hope lies outside the party machine 

Blame Tories not the poor for obesity and hunger

The rolling out of new measures to tackle obesity shames poor people and will not tackle a crisis that the Tories made worse, says Sarah Bates

Don’t rush in to wrong explanations of Russian interference

Vladimir Putin and the Russian state are ruthless. But so is Britain. The real story is about competition, cooperation and corruption under capitalism

Racist legacy to blame for Blackburn Covid-19 spike

A sharp increase in coronavirus cases has taken Blackburn back to the brink of lockdown, and some have a racist solution.

British society scarred by deep poverty and racism

A new report shows 14.4 million people, including 4.5 million children, are living in poverty—and it’s even worse for black people, writes Sadie Robinson

‘I miss a normal life’—the workers stuck out at sea

Lockdown has imprisoned seafarers on ships for months—and they are desperate to leave.

Slaughter abroad is linked to militarisation of the US police

It was after the US’s wars in the Middle East escalated that military equipment really started flooding into police departments, writes Nick Clark 

Plan for new repressive laws reignites rage in Hong Kong

For the second time this year, pro-democracy protesters have filled the streets of Hong Kong. Sadie Robinson looks at what’s driving their anger

Tory ‘test, track and trace’ plan is in tatters before it’s begun

After months of failures, Boris Johnson claims he has a new contact tracing strategy. But as Sarah Bates reports, the scheme is already in trouble

Report exposes shocking call centre conditions for workers

Call centre workers are risking their lives on a “dangerous frontline” in the coronavirus crisis. A new report says that, “Without exaggeration the severity of the hazards from Covid-19 and the effects on these workers make for shocking reading.”

Virus in prison system puts inmates' lives at risk

Coronavirus is ripping through prisons, as cruel conditions put tens of thousands of people at risk. 

Cuts and Covid-19 are a deadly cocktail for social care

The death toll from the coronavirus in care homes is a scandal, yet workers’ demands for safety measures are still being ignored, reports Sarah Bates

Viruses and the sick system that destroys our environment

Pandemics and viral outbreaks aren’t an accident of nature. Fresh research confirms how tearing up animals’ natural habitats and intensive farming are to blame, writes Sadie Robinson

New laws give dangerous powers to the state

The Tories rushed through new laws to ‘deal’ with coronavirus—but parts of them are a threat to us all

Why you should join the march against racism

We need to hurl back the Tory government’s racist offensive. Activists say you should join the Stand Up To Racism national demonstrations in London and Glasgow on Saturday 21 March

Israel’s political deadlock exposed by another election

As Israelis prepare for their third election in a year, Nick Clark looks at what lies behind the stalemate—and says the occupation of Palestine lies at the root of the deep political crisis.

Dosh for deportations—how private firms cash in

Deportations to Jamaica have exposed the horror of Britain’s immigration system. But they’ve got bosses rubbing their hands

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