By Geoff Breeze
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A postal worker’s poetic story about solidarity at Christmas

This article is over 11 years, 8 months old
At Christmas when you open your gifts and cards.
Issue 2232

At Christmas when you open your gifts and cards.

Please think of Santa’s helpers who work ever so hard.

Driven like slaves 18 hours a day,

For no annual leave and very low pay.

Conditions in Lapland are ever so bad.

They drain workers souls and make them so sad.

Cos Santa’s a tyrant with a gut like a tanker.

Who works one day a year just like a banker.

Finally the workers could not take any more.

They said ‘Listen here Santa don’t you know this means war’.

Cos if you push folks to hard you will get a reaction,

So the Elves and the Reindeer are taking industrial action.

The Elves and the Reindeer got up and downed tools.

They had decided to strike and not work to rule.

They all voted by raising their hands.

Then Rudolf wrote down the workers’ demands.

A shorter working week and a big pay rise.

And an equal share of all the mince pies.

Santa did not look at all fine.

As he watched all his workers form the picket line.

This situation Santa did not like.

He had to find a way to break this strike.

He Shouted from his office ‘Double time up for grabs’

But workers did not budge for they were not scabs.

He tried every tactic to lie and deceive,

For he had targets to reach for this Christmas Eve.

Santa then thought I will make them all pay.

I will send out the pressies by

But this was a plan he had to abort.

Because now the Posties had come out in support.

Socialist Worker turned up to wish strikers well.

With cakes for the workers and papers to sell.

They told all the workers that there was a solution.

You need not just a strike,You need a revolution.

Meanwhile Santa said, ‘I know just the ticket

‘I will hire some thugs to smash up the picket.’

The thugs assembled not far from the gate,

With fury in their eyes and hearts full of hate.

They charged the pickets to defend the ruling class.

But the plan backfired, cos the Elves kicked their ass.

Santa looked on in horror at the bloody finale

As the Elves started singing The Internationale.

At this point Santa choked on the mince pies he had eaten.

He knew at this point that he had been beaten.

Santa went to see them and said ‘We have lots to talk about’.

But the workers said, ‘We’re in charge now so get the hell out’.

They had taken on the state and the old guard did fall.

Now Lapland’s a commune run for the benefit of all.

You may ask me what’s the point to this story?

Well we should be like the Elves when we take on Tories.

You see if want dignity,respect, and to be well treated.

Remember that workers united will never be defeated.

Merry Christmas Comrades.

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