By Simon Basketter
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Jeffrey Epstein case shows up the system’s abuses

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Issue 2668
A recent mugshot of Jeffrey Epstein
A recent mugshot of Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, the rich child rapist, is dead after taking his own life. That is a slightly more controversial statement than might be imagined.

While Donald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton killed him, others think the British royal family are in the frame.

For others, these theories are what “they” want you to believe—because Epstein is still alive and was spirited out of the prison, and a body double deployed.

Conspiracies gain global traction when they have a reason to be believed.

There are many questions that remain unanswered and Epstein’s death is clearly a very welcome relief for some rich people.

The global elite hide their money and much of their lifestyle. It is easy to think, when some of their activities do leak out, that there is a plot.

The ruling class does want to control society and acts in secretive, undemocratic ways to do it.

And the failure of the media and politicians to hold governments and business to account leads some to look to conspiracies for answers.

So when the British weapons inspector David Kelly was found dead in 2003, many believed he had been murdered.

This was precisely because people had lost trust in the government during the build-up to the war in Iraq.

It is not clear yet whether Epstein kept dossiers, pictures and videos implicating the rich and powerful as a bargaining chip for influence or whether it was just how he and his mates got their sordid kicks.

The picture on the wall of Epstein’s house of Bill Clinton in a stained blue dress—a reference to Clinton’s abuse of Monica Lewinsky—the naked models and the walls of glass eyes are what passes as eccentric if you are rich enough.

Epstein’s contact book contains many of the world’s important people and many of their hangers-on.

To be in the book doesn’t make you an abuser.

But it does beg a question about the activities of those listed who went to the parties or met Epstein at a charity gala, or took a flight in his jet.


Did they ask about or even feel concerned for the teenage girls he had with him?

Harder questions should also be asked of prince Andrew, who is seen in a video waving goodbye to a woman leaving Epstein’s house. This is after Epstein was convicted of abuse.

The press repeats the Palace’s denials of wrongdoing. But it still hasn’t explained why Andrew was photographed with a woman who says Epstein forced her to have sex with the prince.

These scandals show the tawdry contempt with which those at the top of our society treat others. They do conspire and they do cover up – but far from being an all-powerful clique, our rulers can be brought down. That is what they are most scared of.

Another royal helps us understand this.

Lord Mountbatten was killed along with his teenage grandson Nicholas Knatchbull and the 15 year old deckhand Paul Maxwell by an IRA bomb in 1979.

The senior royal and former head of the armed forces had, according to newly released FBI documents, had “a perversion for young boys”.

Maybe Mountbatten wasn’t a child abuser. But he did have a role in a real conspiracy.

Mountbatten came close to leading a cabal of industrialists, generals and tycoons plotting a coup against an elected Labour government.

The 1968 plot was designed to replace Harold Wilson, then the Labour prime minister, with a national government led by either fascist Oswald Mosley or Mountbatten.

While they decided against it, the security services ran a serious operation to destabilise the Wilson government.

One offshoot of that operation was the cover-up—at best—of information about systematic child abuse, including by the rich and powerful.

So while Epstein’s abuse and that of his friends are not central to how the system works, by lifting the rock on that abuse they can reveal some of the poison at the system’s heart.

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