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The right hopes terror attack will divide us

Seizing on Almeni as a dangerous Muslim supports top down Islamophobia
Issue 2781

Part of the protest outside a McDonald’s in north London where a woman was told to remove her hijab Pic: Socialist Worker

The bombing of a Liverpool hospital will be used by the right to deflect the blame for the problems in British society.

Instead of the Tories, the right targets Muslims and refugees.

Lots of fear and not a lot of facts have been pumped out after the attack on remembrance Sunday at Liverpool Women’s hospital.

It’s known that Enzo Almeni—born Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen—was from the Middle East with Syrian and Iraqi heritage, and moved to Britain to claim asylum.

After a rejected asylum application in 2014, Almeni changed his name in the hopes of seeming more Western, and completed conversion to Christianity in 2017.

Much is being made of Almeni’s birth name, Middle Eastern and migrant background and what some bigots say is his bogus conversion from Islam to make him sound more threatening.

Boris Johnson used the opportunity to push nationalism and British values. He said, “British people will never be cowed by terrorism”.


Some are attempting to claim that Almeni wanted to blow up the cathedral in Liverpool where he converted, and where a Remembrance Day parade was being held.

Yet at the same time links are being drawn to the bombing and calls from Islamic State months ago for attacks on NHS trusts during the pandemic.

Seizing on Almeni as a dangerous Muslim supports top down Islamophobia that was heightened and pushed out to justify the West’s meddling in the Middle East during the “war on terror”.

It has led to attacks against Muslims and systematic demonisation of anything connected to Islam.

The Home Office has also jumped on the bombing in an attempt to justify its crackdown on migrants trying to enter Britain.

Already home secretary Priti Patel uses myths of migrants being hardened criminals to block the borders and deport people who have lived here for years.

Now, following talks with the French interior minister hours after the attack, Patel concluded that “100 percent” of migrant crossings will be prevented.


That’s an absurdity, short of mass killings.

But it is designed to whip up the vision of embattled Britain under siege from a tidal wave of potential terrorists.

There will be no analysis of the bombings, murder and torture by the West in countries such as Iraq and Syria.

The Tories won’t miss a chance to ramp up their venomous hatred towards refugees and migrants and use the attack to cover their own corruption and scandals.

Anti-racists have to fight back against Islamophobia that seeks to portray anyone with links to Islam as a threat. And every lie from the right to demonise and scapegoat refugees must be smashed.

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