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The Tory murderers on the dancefloor

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As a group of Tories donned their glad rags and partied late into the night in mid-December last year, coronavirus ripped across Britain.

Some 514 people died from the virus on 18 December 2020—the same day as 40 to 50 Tories were crammed into Downing Street enjoying a “boozy party”.

Party animals at the Christmas bash celebrated well past midnight.

Festivities included food, drinks, games and a Secret Santa. No doubt they sipped the finest Champagne taxpayers’ money can buy as NHS staff risked their lives around the clock.

At the time England was split into the Tories’ failed tier system. London was under Tier Three—stay at home.

And during the second national lockdown in November, Johnson gave a speech at a packed leaving do in Number 10.


Since the Christmas jamboree hit the headlines, the Tories’ recollections have differed.

Dominic Cummings—Johnson’s former adviser who did as he pleased during lockdown—has told his old mates not to lie.

Johnson, rather than denying the event, said all guidance was followed. Meanwhile his spokesperson said the party never happened.

Minister for policing Kit Malthouse says a party wouldn’t have broken lockdown rules.

Deputy prime minister and then foreign secretary Dominic Raab said if a party did happen, it would have broken lockdown rules.

He backed the Met’s statement that the police aren’t there to probe breaches from over a year ago.

Yet ordinary people are still going through the courts for allegedly breaking rules.

Many Tories are denying being at the party.


Many say they weren’t invited. But it’s much more likely that several more shindigs and rule breaches of theirs are being covered up. Cummings also said some political journalists were “at parties in the No 10 flat”, so were “trying to bury” rumours.

As the Tories did what they wanted, house parties across the country were shut down. Organisers received fines of up to £10,000 for breaking lockdown rules.

The day before the party, home secretary Priti Patel said she would “call the police on people breaking Christmas rules”.

Clearly she wouldn’t call them on her mates.

But breaking the rules for a good time isn’t new to Johnson’s government.

Whether it’s intimate moments with their aides or driving to castles, the Tories have flouted their own rules ever since they were introduced.

They’ve proved that it’s one rule for them and one for the rest of us. The “we’re all in it together” fable is a lie.


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