By Ghayath Naisse, Syrian socialist, Revolutionary Left Current
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Western intervention will shed more Syrian blood

This article is over 8 years, 6 months old
Issue 2481

The US has used the excuse of fighting Isis to intervene in Iraq again and in Syria.

But the coalition it leads has flown thousands of air raids without any decisive impact on Isis.

Fighting Isis is being used as a pretext by the regime’s allies—Russia, and before that Iran and Hezbollah—to expand their military intervention in Syria too.

These forces aim to preserve the Assad regime. The popular movement is on the retreat and counter-revolution is advancing.

Isis has allowed regional and international powers to argue for intervention in Syria, not in order to save its people.

Instead they want to divide up interests and spheres of influence.

The British government is also seeking to divide up influence in the region, at the cost of more destruction and the shedding of more Syrian blood.

Isis is born out of the destruction and devastation of imperialist interventions, the brutality of the dictatorial regimes and defeats of the revolutions.

When Britain and the US intervened in Iraq they destroyed the country and tortured the people. The rise of Isis was a result.

Intervention worsens the cycle of killing, destruction and devastation and the pain of the Syrian people.

What Syrians need today is to stop the bombing, murder, death spiral—not more bombs and battleships and missiles.

Let the Syrian people decide their fate freely—to build Syria with freedom, equality and social justice.

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