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To send a report or letter to Socialist Worker newspaper: 

Email [email protected] or [email protected] or write to us at PO Box 74955, London E16 9EJ 

To get in touch with the Socialist Workers Party you can fill in the contact form, call 020 7840 5600 or email [email protected]. Below is a list of our different departments and their contact details 

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National office

For general information about events, meetings and campaigns.
phone: 020 7840 5600
email: [email protected]

Student office

For information about Socialist Worker Student Societies and our campaigns on campus
phone: 020 7840 5610
email: [email protected]

International Socialism Journal

To contact the quarterly journal of the SWP
phone: 020 7840 5640
email: [email protected]

Membership office

For membership enquiries
phone: 020 7840 5602
email: [email protected]

Socialist Worker circulation

For information on the distribution of and subscription to our weekly
newspaper Socialist Worker and publications
phone: 020 7840 5601
email: [email protected]

Marxism Festival

To contact Marxism Festival
phone: 020 7840 5620
email: [email protected]

Trade union & workplace department

The trade union and workplace department gives help and advice about being a socialist at work, and organises activity in the trade unions.
phone: 020 7840 5605
email: [email protected]

Subscription information

To subscribe to Socialist Worker
To make payments

Socialist Worker editorial

To send news and reports to Socialist Worker
phone: 020 7840 5656
email: [email protected]