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Gaza Antonio Zazueta Olmos
Issue 1923b


Antonio Zazueta Olmos

THIS EXHIBITON shows the brutality of Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

While the mainstream media have attempted to dehumanise the Palestinians, presenting them as terrorists and murderers—Olmos does the opposite.

A crowd of men weep openly after one of their friends is killed by an Israeli snipper.

Shown alongside are photographs of marchers bearing photocopied photographs of their dead children’s faces.

The mundane day-to-day oppression of checkpoints and house searches are all there, but it is dignity with which Olmos treats his subjects that makes his photographs so much more than just reportage.

Women and war

Jenny Matthews

JENNY MATTHEWS gives a voice to this silent majority of casualties through a series of deeply moving—sometimes disturbing—photographs of human subjects in the midst of war and conflict wherever they are found.

Twenty years of visual and written diaries tell of human struggle around the world—in Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Burma, Chechnya, Haiti, Britain, Guatemala, and Sudan, among others.

This exhibtion documents women and the roles they play as well as the emotions they experience—anger, fear, despair, hope and terror.

Mary Benewick


Simon Norfolk

“AFGHANISTAN IS unlike any other war-ravaged landscape I have ever photographed,” says Simon.

“In Kabul the devastation has a bizarre layering—the different destructive eras lying on top of each other. Walking a Kabul street can be like walking through a Museum of the Archaeology of War— layers of destruction lie like sediment on top of each other.”

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