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Build and deepen resistance to cuts

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Conference agreed that mobilising resistance to the government’s cuts is a key task facing the SWP.
Issue 2234

Conference agreed that mobilising resistance to the government’s cuts is a key task facing the SWP.

Chris Bambery, of the SWP central committee and a leading member of the Right to Work campaign, laid out a strategy for a united and powerful fight involving large numbers of people.

He said, “We need to throw ourselves into local anti-cuts groups, ensuring a Right to Work presence.

“The movement must try to involve Labour MPs and councillors. You can’t build a genuine mass movement without involving the people who vote Labour.

“We are with Labour when they fight the Tories but criticise them if they want to vote through cuts.

“We are in favour of genuine unity. No one group can declare itself the one campaign.”

A key date in the coming months is the 12 February people’s convention. “Right to Work has opened up our conference to the whole movement,” said Chris.

“It will discuss national resistance to the cuts and bring together anti-cuts groups, trade unionists, students, disabled people and others.”

The conference can be a springboard for further initiatives and help build the TUC demonstration on 26 March.

Michael Bradley, an SWP industrial organiser, said, “Right to Work is a national organisation that can take national initiatives that we can pull people around.

“The 26 March protest is vital—we have to jump at every opportunity to be part of building it.”

Delegates spoke about the importance of building Right to Work groups.

Ray from Edinburgh said, “We were quick off the mark. As a result, other groups, such as the Labour Party, the STUC and campaigns came to us to discuss setting up a broad anti-cuts group. There are now 700 seats on trains to London for 26 March.”

Sharon, a Sheffield delegate in the Napo union, talked about putting the general strike motion into her union branch.

She said, “Far from thinking me extreme, one member was outraged at the motion, asking me what I was playing at calling for a one day general strike as we need an all-out general strike. We passed the motion unanimously.”

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