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Marxism 2010: ideas to change the world

This article is over 11 years, 8 months old
With the general election almost upon us, much has been said, written and discussed in the mainstream press.
Issue 2199

With the general election almost upon us, much has been said, written and discussed in the mainstream press.

But, almost without exception, the key debates have been avoided – the truth about the cuts all major parties want to unleash, the need for serious organised resistance to defend wages, jobs and pensions, and the reality of the fascist BNP and how to stop it.

Marxism 2010 will bring together thousands of workers, activists and campaigners from around the world to discuss the issues that really matter.

The ongoing economic crisis continues to frame all these discussions, and highlights the bankrupt capitalist system that is destroying the planet, while wreaking havoc on ordinary people.

War and poverty still make the lives of millions of people a misery. Marxism will be the place to talk about the socialist alternative to this barbarity.

Over 2,000 people have already booked for Marxism 2010 and the event is 500 bookings bigger than it was at this stage last year.

This is a turbulent political period with many dangers but also opportunities. It is clear why so many people want to come, ask questions, learn more, and be part of organising the fightback. Make sure you are with them.

Events include:

  • Tony Benn asks where next after the election
  • Slavoj Žižek, Alex Callinicos and John Holloway discuss the idea of communism
  • New York based Guardian journalist Gary Younge assesses Obama’s first year in power
  • Hester Eisenstein, Nina Power and Judith Orr debate the new sexism
  • Tariq Ali speaks on the perils of Islamophobia
  • Ben Fine, Alfredo Saad-Filho, Joseph Choonara, Guglielmo Carchedi, Costas Lapavitsas, Andrew Kliman and Graham Turner analyse the ongoing economic crisis
  • István Mészáros discusses alternatives to parliamentarism
  • Sheila Rowbotham on her new book, Dreamers of a New Day: Women who Invented the 20th Century
  • Ghada Karmi, Gilbert Achcar, Sami Ramadani and Haifa Zangana take part in a course of meetings on Palestine, Iraq and the Middle East
  • Mark Serwotka, Matt Wrack, Kevin Courtney and Jeremy Dear join discussions with other trade unionists
  • Gerry Conlon (wrongly imprisoned as one of the Guildford Four) joins Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg and leading human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce for a panel discussion on civil liberties
  • Die Linke German MP Christine Buchholz talks on Afghanistan and joins a panel on the radical left
  • Martin Smith (LMHR) and Weyman Bennett (UAF) on the fight against fascism
  • Israeli anti-Zionist and academic Shlomo Sand on his new book
  • Allyson Pollock on the fight to defend the National Health Service

Other speakers include:

  • Eamonn McCann
  • Danny Dorling
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Allyson Pollock
  • Sam West
  • Steven Rose
  • John Hendy QC
  • Hannah Dee
  • Judith Orr
  • Alan Gibbons
  • David Edgar
  • Charlie Kimber
  • Kevin Doogan
  • Sheila Cohen
  • Mike Gonzalez
  • Peter Hallward
  • Jonathan Neale
  • Alberto Toscano
  • GM Tamas
  • Chris Bambery

Cultural events include:

  • Roy Bailey performs an evening of folk music
  • Stand-up comedy with Kate Smurthwaite, Tiernan Douieb, Joe Wells and Wil Hodgson
  • Left in Vision art exhibition
  • An evening of poetry with Michael Rosen
  • The music of the Black Power movement
  • Cultures of Resistance present an LMHR gig

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