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1) WHO SAID, 'My vision is to become as the Liberal Party was in the 19th century'? (a) Paddy Ashdown (b) Charles Kennedy (c) Tony Blair.
Issue 1677

1) WHO SAID, ‘My vision is to become as the Liberal Party was in the 19th century’? (a) Paddy Ashdown (b) Charles Kennedy (c) Tony Blair.

2) WHO SAID about who, ‘He had to choose between his principles and his career. He chose his career. He has sold his soul’? (a) Actor Tony Booth about his son in law, Tony Blair (b) Margaret Cook about her ex-husband, Robin Cook (c) Ken Livingstone about Frank Dobson.

3) WHICH COMPANY put out this informative press release: ‘It is known as a flat. The wheel gets a flat area. It is called a flat wheel. Instead of going round in a regular fashion it kind of clunks’? (a) Ford (b) The AA (c) Railtrack.

4) WHO WAS former Labour chief whip Derek Foster talking about? ‘He doesn’t like the Labour Party. He doesn’t like Labour MPs.’ (a) Peter Mandelson (b) Tony Blair (c) Jack Straw.

5) DURING THE Scottish Parliament elections the Sun had a front page declaring the vote ‘could threaten the British way of life’. How did its Scottish edition describe the same vote? (a) ‘It is the birth of a nation and a brave new world’ (b) ‘It is a chance to bring the benefits of Sky television to every aspect of Caledonian culture’ (c) ‘You must vote Labour in order to prevent the loss of the queen and our British character.’

6) WHO DIED this year and will be remembered for saying, ‘We wouldn’t have all these campaigns to get the Birmingham Six released if they’d been hanged’? (a) Former Tory minister Alan Clark (b) Former top judge Lord Denning (c) Former Tory deputy prime minister Willie Whitelaw.

7) WHAT WAS Prince Charles coming to London for when he ran up a £16,000 bill on a private train from Edinburgh? (a) The wedding of his brother Prince Edward (b) To open a centre for the homeless (c) A reception for exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama.

8) HOW MUCH did missile firm Raytheon’s shares leap by during the NATO bombing of Kosovo and Serbia? (a) 50 percent (b) 30 percent (c) 40 percent.

9) HOW MANY empty homes are there in ‘overcrowded’ Britain? (a) 150,000 (b) 500,000 (c) 800,000.

10) THE $2 billion cost of a US Stealth bomber is equivalent to what proportion of the annual output of Albania? (a) Double (b) Half (c) The same.

11) WHO SAID of NATO’s war against Serbia and Kosovo, ‘I just take it as a humorous interlude’? (a) Tory John Redwood (b) US president Bill Clinton (c) NATO spokesman James Shea.

12) WHO DID General Wesley Clark, head of NATO forces in the war against Serbia and Kosovo, accept a gift of an inscribed pistol from? (a) Serbian ruler Slobodan Milosevic (b) Chinese president Jiang Zemin (c) Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic.

13) HOW OFTEN will each of Britain’s workplaces expect to be visited by the 115 minimum wage inspectors who are supposed to cover the whole country? (a) Once each ten years (b) Once each 20 years (c) Once each 30 years.

14) WHAT DID French Nazi leader Jean-Marie Le Pen have in his car boot when stopped by police in Belgium? (a) A tape of William Hague’s speeches (b) A lifesize portrait of Adolf Hilter (c) An arsenal of weapons.

15) HOW MUCH more on average do bosses in Britain’s companies get than the workers they employ? (a) 94 times (b) 36 times (c) 53 times.

16) AVERAGE PROFITS in British firms increased by how much in the last three years? (a) 43 percent (b) 31 percent (c) 38 percent.

17) BRITAIN HAS had how many more cases of BSE this year than France? (a) 50 times (b) 650 times (c) 25 times.

18) THE SON of which public figure said, ‘You want a good soundbite? You’re a crap dad’? (a) Tony Blair (b) Jack Straw (c) Alistair Campbell.

19) THE BRITISH government paid the same amount to subsidise the export of Hawk jets to Indonesia as it got by introducing tuition fees. How much? (a) £70 million (b) £110 million (c) £130 million.

20) WHO SAID of Margaret Thatcher, ‘I want her isolated. I want her destroyed’? (a) Neil Kinnock (b) John Major (c) William Hague.

21) WHO SAID, ‘I’m a left wing socialist. I think if you’ve got a load of money you should get taxed to the hilt’? (a) Richard Branson (b) Sporty Spice (c) Cliff Richard.

22) WHO SAID of the world economy, ‘Things are happening which we call technical factors, which is another way of saying we don’t have a clue’? (a) Chair of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan (b) Bank of England governor Eddie George (c) Chancellor Gordon Brown.

23) THE NEW Labour government spent £250,000 subsidising what this year? (a) A party for businessmen in Downing Street (b) An international arms fair (c) A conference promoting genetically modified food.

24) WHAT WAS a Tesco supermarket customer services manager speaking about: ‘Who would pay £2.99 for that? It’s not exactly selling like hot cakes’? (a) A paperback edition of the latest Jeffrey Archer novel (b) The New Labour government’s annual report (c) The firm’s ‘Ye Olde English steak and kidney pudding’.

25) WHO SAID, ‘The effect of natural bristle brush all over the body each morning is a stimulation which the masses should definitely not be allowed access to for fear of revolution’? (a) The prime minister’s wife Cherie Booth (b) New Labour Lord Chancellor Lord Irvine (c) Christine Hamilton, wife of the disgraced Tory MP Neil Hamilton.

26) TORY MP Peter Luff gets paid £10,000 a year by a lobbying firm acting for genetically modified food giant Monsanto. Luff chairs which parliamentary committee? (a) Science (b) Food (c) Competition.

27) WHO SAID, ‘World class performance must be rewarded with world class pay. We accept such an approach to sports stars, so why don’t we adopt the same for directors’? (a) Tory Michael Portillo (b) Trade and industry secretary Stephen Byers (c) AEEU union leader Sir Ken Jackson.

28) WHO SAID, ‘The Africans just don’t know how to govern themselves-it’s just not their form. What a pity we’re not still looking after them’? (a) Margaret Thatcher (b) The Queen Mother (c) The Duke of Edinburgh.

29) A BBC source describes a visit by a public figure to BBC Scotland offices: ‘He was being shown around when he spotted several George Clooney screen savers on staff computers. For a while he looked puzzled. Eventually he asked why everyone was displaying images of Tommy Sheridan [the socialist member of the Scottish Parliament].’ Who was being a bit paranoid? (a) Robin Cook (b) George Robertson (c) Donald Dewar.

30) WHO SAID during the Seattle World Trade Organisation conference that the protests were ‘misplaced and misinformed’? (a) Gap chief executive Millard Dexter (b) Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy (c) Labour development minister Clare Short.


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