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Red guide to the European Social Forum

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Join thousands from across Europe and the world to discuss how to make another world possible.
Issue 1923

Thursday 14 October

International Socialist Tendency a red guide to the ESF

University College London 6pm

Bread and Roses

introduced by Ken Loach

Prince Charles Cinema

(Leicester Square) 6.30pm

Words of resistance

with Harold Pinter, Mike Rosen, Adrian Mitchell

Bookmarks at Bloomsbury

Baptist Church 8pm

Friday 15 October



Is Europe an alternative to the US empire?

with Samir Amin, Alex Callinicos, Panos Garganas and others

Alexandra Palace


Women and globalisation

with Lindsey German, Meena Menon, Christine Delphy

Birkbeck, Room 35

Futures and perspectives for the ESF

with Raffaella Bolini, Jonathan Neale, Christine Bucholz and others Alexandra Palace

ASBOs: the politics of youth exclusion

with Socialist Worker Student Society

Birkbeck, Room 36



World Trade Organisation and trade justice

with Clare Joy, Yash Tandon, Guglielmo Epifani, Barbara Stocking and others

Alexandra Palace


The future of the movement

with Chris Nineham, Pierre Kalfa, Alessandro Mecozzi

Alexandra Palace


IRAQ: the faultline in British politics

with Tony Benn, John Rees,

Rose Gentle, Anas Altikriti,

Caroline Lucas, Paul Mackney

Friends Meeting House, Great Hall

The left in the union movement across Europe

with Jane Loftus, Pierro Bernocchi and others Alexandra Palace



What future for Palestine?

with Azmi Bishara, Mustapha Barghouti, Yonathon Shapira and others Alexandra Palace

The future of the movement 2

with Vittorio Agnoletto, Maria Styllou, Tariq Ramadan and others

Alexandra Palace


Movements and parliament

with Luciano Genro, Helge Meves, Christine Buchholz, John Rees Congress House, Room 3

Great Russell St



End the occupation of Iraq

with Lindsey German, Tommy Sheridan, Sabah Jawad, Subhi Al Mashadani

Alexandra Palace

Cultural events



Injustice, Black panther films and the revolution will not be Televised

Cinema, Alexandra Palace


The Battle of Algiers

introduced by Ahmed Ben Bella

Friends Meeting House


Guns, Rap and Racism

with Asher D, Corey Johnson and others, followed by gig

Alexandra Palace


Europe against fascism Gig

featuring Babyshambles and others Coronet, Elephant & Castle (Elephant & Castle tube)

Saturday 16 October



The end of the myth of development

with Samir Amin, Ann Pettifor

and others Alexandra Palace


Life after Capitalism: what world do we want?

with George Galloway,

Susan George, Jonathan Neale, Aydin Cubukcu Alexandra Palace

The bloody history of British imperialism

with Esme Choonara

University of London Union,

Upper Hall



Challenging US Imperialism

with Ahmed Ben Bella, Aleida Guevara, George Galloway, Sami Evren, Richard Boyd Barrett, Maria Stylou

Alexandra Palace


The Hijab: A woman’s right to choose

with Salma Yaqoob, Christine Delphy, Shami Chakrabarti, Raghad Altikriti and others

Alexandra Palace


Che Guevara: rebel to Icon

with Mike Gonzalez

University of London Union,

Upper Hall



War, Social Movements and Political Parties

with Andrew Murray, Beatriz Quiros, Diane Abbott, Fausto Bertinotti, Alex Callinicos

Alexandra Palace

Globalisation, imperialism and the bush project

with Chris Harman, Kate Hudson, Tayfun Matez

and others

Alexandra Palace


Malcolm X and the fight against racism

with Gary MacFarlane

Birkbeck, Room 34


Music and the movement

with Peter Doherty,

Billy Bragg, Martin Smith

Point 101, Centre Point



Voices of Resistance and alternatives from the Global South

with Alicia Castro, Tariq Ramadan and others Alexandra Palace


G8: Global Protest and Poverty

with Chris Nineham, Lucy Pearce, Mark Ballard, Mark Phillips and Haidi Giuliani Alexandra Palace

Revolution in the 21st century

with Chris Bambery, Alain Krivine, Salvatore Cannovo

University of London Union

The struggle for democracy and against war in the Middle East

with Ahmed Ben Bella, Elahah Rostami Povey and others

Alexandra Palace

Iraq: Occupation and Resistance

with Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Lindsey German,

Dr Tamini, Jaime Ballesteros

Alexandra Palace



Stop fascism and the far right in Europe

with Unite Against Fascism,

SOS Racisme, Muslim Council of Britain and others

Alexandra Palace


The US: the Elections and the anti-war Movement

with Jonathan Neale, Louise Christian, Luke Robinson

Birkbeck , Room 34

War, environmental destruction and debt: what causes refugee flight?

with Elane Heffernan, George Monbiot and others

Alexandra Palace

Respect rally: The new left in Europe

with John Rees, Gennaro Migliore, Victoria Brittain, George Galloway, Olivier Besancenot and others

Friends Meeting House

Cultural events

Europe against fascism gig

featuring Jimmy Page, Mick Jones’s Carbon/Silicon, Billy Bragg

Astoria (Charing Cross Rd) 6pm

Sunday 17 October


Assembly of the Social Movements Alexandra Palace


A joint Struggle for justice: Muslims and the Left

with Lindsey German, Andrew Murray, Salma Yaqoob, Ismail Patel, Anas Altikriti

Alexandra Palace


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