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Reject Bush and build Green Party

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MEDEA BENJAMIN is a leading Green Party activist in the US. She is a co-founder of campaign groups Global Exchange and Code Pink, and ran for the senate in California on a Green ticket in 2000.
Issue 1916

I LOVE and admire both Nader and his running mate Peter Camejo, and have had a close working relationship with both of them for many years.

I totally support their anti-war, anti-corporate, pro-democracy message. But I don’t think their campaign will bring us any closer to the world we want to build.

The Nader-Camejo ticket will create tremendous divisions within the progressive movement and might well help elect George Bush. This would be disastrous for our country and our planet.

Let’s be clear. This election is a referendum on the Bush administration. The world is watching and waiting with bated breath to see if the US people will reject the Bush agenda.

We all know that Kerry and the Democrats don’t represent our values and aspirations. Kerry’s support for the invasion and occupation of Iraq is particularly infuriating.

It is our responsibility to protest against Kerry’s stand on issues from the war to the Patriot Act to “free trade” agreements. But John Kerry is not George Bush.

So how can we be part of rejecting Bush AND building a progressive party? We can do that by supporting David Cobb, the Green Party’s presidential candidate.

David will spend his time strengthening local Green parties and local candidates, as he has been doing so successfully the past several years.

David will focus on states that are not swing states. His “safe state” strategy will allow us to make common cause with our progressive allies, both Democrats and Independents, who feel strongly about the need to remove Bush.

And unlike a Nader-Camejo campaign, which will alienate so many of our natural allies, David’s campaign will put us in a much stronger position post-November.

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