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MARXISM 2004, which begins this week, is a chance to meet and discuss Socialist Worker with the people who produce it.
Issue 1909

MARXISM 2004, which begins this week, is a chance to meet and discuss Socialist Worker with the people who produce it.

Do you have a story or an issue that you think the paper should follow up? Do you want to take photographs that can help to illustrate the resistance to war and capitalism?

Do you have any comments about or criticisms of the paper?

Come to a meeting at Marxism 2004 on Saturday at 5pm in the Jeffery Hall.

Socialist Worker journalists will be pleased to talk to you about any such questions. Ask anyone wearing a “Marxism Team” T-shirt, and they will direct you to a journalist or pass a message on to them to contact you.

A crushing reply to Ken Livingstone

LONDON Underground workers write, “Ken Livingstone’s call to cross RMT union picket lines during the tube strike was a shock to us. It was met with outrage.

“But it didn’t weaken the strike. Instead it built the picket lines, and also meant people were seeking political answers. They wanted to know how it could happen, and hence were keen to read Socialist Worker. A significant number of RMT members voted Respect. Socialist Worker sellers have been in the forefront of building the pickets and solidarity. Consequently we sold 63 papers on the picket lines. At Bond Street we sold one to each of the seven pickets. In Leytonstone we sold ten to the 18 pickets. One RMT member in Paddington told us, ‘You need to keep me in touch with all of this, because I’m not sure where I am going, but I think I am blowing in your direction’.”

Building up the flames of resistance

TONY REPORTS on how he has built up a sale of Socialist Worker: “This week I sold 16 papers at the London Fire Brigade, where I work. Readers include a fire station cook who is a Unison steward and active in the Labour Party, a GMB union steward and an FBU union executive council member. I have built up my sale by doing petitions and collections for strikes, and selling at union meetings. I have the paper on me at all times, because you never know when you are going to meet someone who is interested. I am secretary of the local Unison branch, so I have plenty of opportunities to get out, but everyone can talk to the people they meet.”

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