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The key issues behind the battle in the post

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This is a fight for jobs. Royal Mail has axed 53,000 jobs in the last seven years.
Issue 2174
  • This is a fight for jobs. Royal Mail has axed 53,000 jobs in the last seven years.

    The post workers’ CWU union is fighting to stop full-time jobs being replaced by casual and part-time ones.

    A victory for management would encourage other employers to go down that road, attacking holiday and sickness leave, pensions and other rights at work.

  • Labour ministers want to sell off a slice of the post office – only a union-led campaign has stopped them in the past.

    Now the Tories say they want to privatise Royal Mail within a year if they’re elected next spring.

    Privatisation has been a disaster for the public sector – delivering poorer and more expensive services across the board.

    It must be halted.

  • Postal workers are in the frontline of fighting to protect a decent public postal service.

    Royal Mail has already closed 7,000 local post offices and wants to shut a further 2,500.

    The cost of sending a letter has been pushed up and up.

    Now deliveries could be pushed back to as late as 4pm.

  • This is a struggle for decent pay. Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier is demanding a pay freeze for workers and that some staff should work unpaid, compulsory overtime.

    Yet Crozier himself is paid £3.6 million a year – 180 times more than the average postal worker.

    And he has pocketed £2.4 million in bonuses since his appointment in 2003.

    In contrast, postal workers earn less than the average manual wage, and depend on paid overtime to make ends meet.

    Both Labour and the Tories support a pay freeze, or even pay cuts, across the public sector.

  • Royal Mail is not a “bankrupt” company. Last year it made a profit of £321 million, twice as much as the previous year.

    The boom in online shopping has led to an increase in the number of parcels to deliver.

    Only postal workers can deliver door to door nationwide, something private companies admit.

  • This is a fight that can win. Royal Mail admits it could not withstand an all-out strike across London, let alone nationwide.

    The post strike is a fight which matters to us all – and it could be a massive victory.


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