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‘Throughout the 20th century, small groups of men…’

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'Throughout the 20th century, small groups of men seized control of nations, built armies and arsenals, and set out to dominate the weak and intimidate the world' - George W Bush
Issue 1837

BLOOD brothers Bush and Blair met in Washington last week to plan the final elements of their war against Iraq. Days before, both had made chilling speeches about the era of permanent war. Answering questions in the House of Commons, Blair laid out his readiness to attack Iraq.

An anti-war MP shouted, ‘Who’s next?’ Replying to the heckle, Blair said, ‘After we deal with Iraq we do, yes, through the UN, have to confront North Korea about its weapons programme.’ Oblivious to the role of Britain as the world’s second biggest arms dealer, he continued, ‘We have to confront those companies and individuals trading in weapons of mass destruction.’

To another cry of ‘When do we stop?’ Blair answered, ‘We stop when the threat to our security is properly and fully dealt with.’ Blair’s wars will provoke more resistance and drive more desperate people into attacks against Britain.

He will then declare another round of bloodletting to crush those who are deemed to have insufficiently humbled themselves before the great powers. The State of the Union speech delivered by George Bush to a joint session of Congress was an exercise in the grossest hypocrisy. It avoided any attempt to deal with the issues and instead indulged in the biggest possible lies.

Like the gangster boss he so closely resembles, Bush vowed that Iraq would soon feel ‘the full force and might of the US military’.

He described the hundreds of thousands of troops, the missile launchers and the bombers which will attack Iraq as ‘those who will keep the peace’. Bush told the Iraqi people that a US military occupation would be ‘the day of your liberation’, and that ‘your enemy is not surrounding your country – your enemy is ruling your country’.

Presumably the ‘friends’ of the Iraqi people are the US military, which plans to unleash 800 cruise missiles on Iraq in the first few days of its ‘shock and awe’ assault.

Bush gloried in the way the US now operates without even the pretence of legal process if it defines someone as a ‘terrorist suspect’. He said that, as well as thousands of arrests, ‘many others have met a different fate. Let’s put it this way – they are no longer a problem to the United States.’ There will now be a ‘Terrorist Threat Integration Centre’ to unite the CIA, FBI, the Pentagon and the new Homeland Security Department.

This will shred many of the constitutional safeguards against official surveillance of US citizens. Bush’s final big lie was to claim it is Saddam Hussein who set out to ‘dominate the weak and intimidate the world’.

It is not Iraq that is ‘intimidating the world’ – it is the blood brothers’ war plan for 2003 which is the global threat.

Blair’s undemocratic and right wing war pact

A GROUP of European leaders put together a letter last week saying they stand totally with George W Bush. The signatories are some of the most right wing leaders on the continent, and they have utterly ignored democracy.

In every country whose leaders signed up there is a majority, varying from 70 to 90 percent, against Bush and Blair’s line. On the letter were:

JOSE MARIA AZNAR, Spain: He began his political career in the party which supported Spain’s fascist dictator, Franco. Aznar’s government posthumously decorated one of Franco’s torturers. It has also tried to force through huge attacks on pensions, benefits and workers’ rights. Only 5.8 percent of Spain’s people support Aznar’s position on the war.

ANDERS RASMUSSEN, Denmark: Right winger elected on the slogan ‘Money for healthcare instead of asylum seekers’. In Denmark you cannot marry someone from another country until both of you reach the age of 24. Rasmussen believes in a ‘minimum state’ and wants huge cuts in public sector jobs.

JOSE BARROSO, Portugal: Head of a government which boasts it has pushed through the biggest cuts in public spending of any state in the European Union.

SILVIO BERLUSCONI, Italy: Berlusconi personifies big business and right wing politics. He defines his ideology as, ‘We believe in the individual, in entrepreneurship, in competition, in efficiency, in the free market. ‘Our enemies don’t believe in the market, they don’t believe in profit, they don’t believe in the individual. This is why we are compelled to oppose them.’

VACLAV HAVEL, Czech Republic: Havel, who retired last weekend as Czech president, has always been determined to show support for the US and NATO. He sent Czech forces to fight in Kosovo and Afghanistan. At home he has ruled while governments have delivered ‘shock’ market programmes which have hurled millions into poverty.

PETER MEDGYESSY, Hungary: Banker and ruthless free marketeer who remodelled himself after being deputy prime minister and finance minister in the Communist regime. He also acted as a secret service agent during the 1970s and 1980s. Now he is a strong supporter of privatisation.

LESZEK MILLER, Poland: Miller presides over record unemployment and is preparing to sack thousands of miners. Abortion is banned except in extremely rare circumstances. The Polish government and the US arms firm Lockheed Martin have just agreed a deal for the supply of 48 F-16 fighter jets. The Bush administration helped to finance the deal.

Anti-war resistance starts on Friday

THE anti-war demonstration in London on Saturday 15 February is going to be huge. The anti-war events really begin the night before in London, with a host of rallies, films, poetry readings and much more. Accommodation in central London is freely available for all those who need it.

For more information phone the Stop the War Coalition on 020 7053 2155/6 or go to www.


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