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US violence for a century

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HAWAII, 1893: seizes by force.
Issue 1775

HAWAII, 1893: seizes by force.

CHINA, 1898-1900: suppresses rebellion.

PHILIPPINES, 1898-1910: seizes from Spain, 600,000 Filipinos killed.

CUBA, 1898-1902: seizes from Spain.

PUERTO RICO, 1898: seizes from Spain.

GUAM, 1898: seizes from Spain.

PANAMA, 1901-14: separates country from Colombia and annexes canal zone, 1914-99.

HONDURAS, 1903: marines intervene against revolution.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 1903-4: protects US firms during revolution.

CUBA, 1906-9: marines interfere in election.

PANAMA, 1912: marines land during election.

NICARAGUA, 1912-33: 20-year occupation and war against guerrillas.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 1914: fights with rebels over Santo Domingo.

MEXICO, 1914-18: series of interventions. HAITI, 1914-34: occupation.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 1916-24: occupation.

CUBA, 1917-33: military occupation, made into economic protectorate.

RUSSIA, 1918-22: five landings of troops to try to overthrow revolution.

YUGOSLAVIA, 1919: marines intervene against Serbs.

HONDURAS, 1919: marines land during election campaign.

GUATEMALA, 1920: intervenes against trade unionists.

TURKEY, 1922: fights nationalists.

CHINA, 1922-7: intervenes during independence revolt.

PANAMA, 1925: marines suppress general strike.

CHINA, 1927-34: marines stationed throughout country.

EL SALVADOR, 1932: warships sent during revolt.

JAPAN, 1945: firebombs Tokyo and other cities, drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

URUGUAY, 1947: nuclear bombers deployed.

PHILIPPINES, 1948-54: CIA directs war against rebellion.

PUERTO RICO, 1950: independence rebellion crushed.

KOREA, 1950-3: US and South Korea fight China and North Korea to stalemate, US threatens to use atomic bombs in 1950 and 1953, at least two million Korean civilians killed or wounded.

IRAN, 1953: CIA overthrows democracy.

GUATEMALA, 1954: CIA directs invasion after new government nationalises land occupied by US company United Fruit.

LEBANON, 1958: troops land.

VIETNAM, 1960-75: two million Vietnamese killed in longest US war.

CUBA, 1961: CIA-directed invasion by right wing fanatics fails.

INDONESIA, 1965: one million killed in CIA-assisted army coup.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 1965-6: bombing and marines sent in during election.

GUATEMALA, 1966-7: troops intervene against rebels.

CAMBODIA, 1969-75: US carpet-bombs. Up to two million killed in decade of bombing and starvation.

LAOS, 1971-3: US directs South Vietnamese invasion and carpet-bombs countryside.

MIDDLE EAST, 1973: nuclear threat during Israel’s war against Arab neighbours.

CHILE, 1973: CIA-backed coup ousts elected left wing president.

ANGOLA, 1976-92: CIA assists South African backed rebels.

LIBYA, 1981: two Libyan jets shot down.

EL SALVADOR, 1981-92: troops and air power used to aid death squads, 75,000 people killed.

NICARAGUA, 1981-90: CIA directs Contra invasions.

LEBANON, 1982-4: US forces help expel PLO from Beirut and back fascist Phalange, navy shells Beirut.

HONDURAS, 1983-9: troops help build bases for death squads.

GRENADA, 1983-4: invasion. LIBYA, 1986: capital Tripoli bombed in effort to kill President Gaddaffi. BOLIVIA, 1986: army assists government raids.

IRAN, 1987: Iranian passenger jets shot down over Persian Gulf.

PANAMA, 1989-90: invasion, thousands of civilians killed.

GULF WAR, 1990-1: US-led coalition kills over 100,000 Iraqis.

SOMALIA, 1992-4: US-led United Nations occupation.

EX-YUGOSLAVIA, 1995: bombs Serb positions and helps Tudjman’s Croatian regime drive out Serbs.

SUDAN, 1998: destroys Al Shifa pharmaceutical plant.

AFGHANISTAN, 1998: Cruise missile attack.

IRAQ, 1998: four days of intensive air strikes, daily air sorties continue to present day.

SERBIA, 1999: 78 days of NATO air strikes.

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