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Views of the deal and the dispute from postal workers across Britain

This article is over 16 years, 4 months old
Postal workers from around Britain have written to us with their views on recent developments in the dispute
Issue 2074
Post workers at Nine Elms mail centre in south London walked out on unofficial strike (Pic:» Guy Smallman )
Post workers at Nine Elms mail centre in south London walked out on unofficial strike (Pic: » Guy Smallman)

I have been a post worker in Galashiels, Scotland, for the best part of ten years and in that time the changes in the job have been horrendous.

But Royal Mail’s proposals to end our dispute are truly shocking. There is no way our CWU union should accept it.

Like many others, my reason for choosing to become a postal worker was because the job has an early start and early finish.

If we accept this deal we can be told to start at 10am and work until 6pm – all at a few hours’ notice.

Our management wants to destroy an excellent postal service, and to do that they will use divide and rule in an attempt to conquer the workers.

Barry Phillips, Galashiels, Scotland

I would just like to agree with your article on the proposed deal with Royal Mail.

The offer is crap and we should throw it out.

Barry Butterley, Derbyshire

I think we should take one week’s revenue from our political fund and donate it to our members in Liverpool, who by taking unofficial action have put up such a brave fight.

The lion-hearted people in Liverpool have suffered enormous financial hardship.

No one on our executive could say no to such a move.

Bernard Metcalfe, Middlesbrough

You are right to argue that postal workers should reject the revised offer from Royal Mail. However there is a feeling that we are fighting this alone, and that to achieve a victory over Royal Mail we must broaden the strike base to include other public sector workers.

William Marshall, Ayrshire, Scotland

Whatever is in the deal it will mean nothing if the national union don’t get the sanctions lifted against our local reps and get an assurance that no more executive action will take place.

At Chelmsford mail centre we have had ten weeks of Royal Mail’s punishment charter – in that time we have seen all of the union’s facility time taken away, and Royal Mail impose later starts on the night shift and cease all Sunday overtime.

We will not be taking it without a fight and have already sought our own industrial action ballot.

Our national officers should not have been talking to the employer while this type of thing was going on.

Unfortunately it would appear they believe they’re dealing with honourable people – but the truth is they are dealing with liars and bullies.

Vince Thurnell, Chelmsford

I am a rep in the Northern Ireland mail centre.

Like others we are threatened with changes to our shifts.

We have been told our Saturday duties are to be retarded by up to two and a half hours. We will not accept this.

The battle we are in now shows that workers have to break from the Labour Party and develop an independent revolutionary alternative.

Niall Morton, Belfast

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