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Visteon Enfield: Spreading resistance

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Delegations of Enfield Visteon workers have been out building support for their struggle.
Issue 2148

Delegations of Enfield Visteon workers have been out building support for their struggle.

Ron Clark, a former Unite union rep at the plant, visited workers at four bus garages in north London on Friday of last week.

Workers have also gone to pickets of Ford dealerships and have been back to Ford’s Dagenham plant to talk to workers there about their campaign.

“I’m so proud of them,” Lynne Hood told Socialist Worker. Her son, Piers, is Unite’s deputy convenor at the Enfield plant.

“Lots of people weren’t especially political before but they’ve done brilliantly.

“At the start people would just bring food for the people they knew but now they bring it for everyone.

“I think they are all different now – people have been radicalised. They are rediscovering the power of people standing together.

“Unite has been a bit mealy-mouthed. It talks about Ford’s ‘moral obligation’ to the workers, but what about its legal obligation? If the company’s in financial trouble then we should sell the bosses’ houses. Why should we pay?

“Why does the government allow this chicanery to happen where companies can change their names and avoid tax?”

Anna, who has worked at the site for nearly 17 years, agrees. “I thought Labour was meant to be for the workers,” she told Socialist Worker.

“But what is Labour doing? They stand by while companies make you feel tiny and tell you you’re earning too much money.

“I don’t want much. I don’t want to be rich – I just want what I’m owed.”

Mick Gosling is the chair of the press and PR branch of the NUJ journalists’ union and used to work at Ford Dagenham. “A gigantic fraud has been perpetrated here,” he told Socialist Worker.

“But management won’t have expected to come up against such resistance, which is inspiring many other workers. One of the best ways to fight is to back others who are fighting.”

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