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Voices from the Stop the War stage

This article is over 18 years, 7 months old
After the demo a wide range of people spoke from the Stop the War stage
Issue 1958a

“We are not here to beg or plead or persuade but to show you, the small rich minority, that you do not represent the people of this planet. If you think you can save your reputations or your careers on the back of Make Poverty History then you are wrong. We are here to lay siege to you in Gleneagles.”
John Rees

“There are now 18 British families who have lost loved ones in the war in Iraq who are involved in Military Families Against the War.

“We are going for a public inquiry, and they are doing the same in the US. We are not ­giving up. Blair won’t debate with me because he is a coward and a liar. Let’s give the Iraqi people their freedom and bring our boys home.”
Rose Gentle

“I KNEW we were in trouble when I heard that Hilary Benn was likely to march today. We now have this discourse which says that those in power are on the side of humanity, whether it is Make Poverty History or fighting wars. Those who are against those in power are, it is suggested, against humanity. But we must never forget that the G8 exist for one reason only and that is to help themselves.”
George Monbiot

“The debt write-off that the G8 is talking about means an outlay of $40 billion over 40 years. But it is accompanied by demands for privatisation and open markets. The G8 countries spend $846 billion on arms each year. We can’t deal with poverty until we deal with war.”
Jeremy Corbyn MP

“When the G8 leaders meet we remember who they are. When we see Bush and Blair we remember the war against Iraq and the occupation which is desperately looking for a justification.

“We are not on the side of the G8 — you can’t fight crime when you are a criminal. The G8 talks about charity and aid, but we do not want what they mean by charity and aid.

“The debt is not owed by the poor to the rich, it is owed by those who bring war and exploit­ation. We are the people, and only we can speak with dignity.”
Francisco Louçã, Portuguese Left Bloc MP

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