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‘Change’ for Labour means stability for bosses

Starmer promises that "stability equals change", but in reality this is stability only for those at the top
Issue 2908
'No drama Starmer' wants stability following the chaotic Tories (Photo: flickr/Keir Starmer)

‘No-drama Starmer’ wants stability following the chaotic Tories (Photo: flickr/Keir Starmer)

Safe, careful, cautious. That’s Keir Starmer’s election promise for a Labour government.

The only change Starmer wants to see is himself instead of Rishi Sunak in Number 10. A tight fiscal belt is his plan—and a delivery of growth, prosperity and security for the bosses and bankers.

“I will just try to keep it calm and measured,” Starmer told the Observer newspaper. He compared Labour’s lead to a fragile “Ming vase” and said, “Having carried it around for a while now, I’m going to avoid the temptation to start juggling it.”

The self-described “no-drama Starmer” is pitching himself to big business as a safe environment for profit-making.

He is pitching Labour as a pro-corporate friend after the chaos and instability of the Tories. Starmer says, “stability equals change”.

That’s why there will be no serious action over climate change, no taxing of the rich, no major investment for the NHS, no significant rise in the minimum wage or benefits and no systematic defence for workers’ rights.

For a Labour government, undoing the misery of 14 years of Tory austerity won’t mean ploughing more spending and investment into key services.

Starmer won’t do anything that risks him dropping his “Ming vase”, let alone anything that challenges the capitalist system that continuously plunges us into crises.

What we really need is instability—especially to bring change. Business as usual, instead of creating a fair and equal society, will lead to more of the same horrors for ordinary people.

The result will be continued hospital waiting lists, foodbank use, struggling to pay bills and cuts to public services and council budgets.

Business as usual means environmental collapse. It means a world of poverty, racism and war. It means a continuation of the cross-party support for US imperialism and Zionism.

It’s up to us to fight for real change. And if Labour wins the election, even if by a landslide, the resistance has to mount from day one.

The best way to challenge Starmer’s dull and empty promises for working class people is to build that fightback now.

This Saturday’s 14th national demonstration in London for Palestine is an opportunity to ignite the election with politics that matter. And it’s a way to counter the racist narrative dominating discussion.

Getting behind the strikes taking place during the election period— such as the junior doctors and the college lecturers—is another way to stick it to the Tories and Starmer’s pro-boss party.

Rather than calm and stability, we need a social uprising to tear apart this unequal, bloody and rotten system.

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