By Charlie Kimber
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Fight Starmer and dance on Tories’ grave

The election campaign was uninspiring and tame. The Tories maybe be out, but Labour won’t deliver any real change
Issue 2912
Starmer will provide little change to Tory rule (Photo: flickr/Keir Starmer)

Starmer will provide little change to Tory rule (Photo: flickr/Keir Starmer)

The vote that sweeps out the Tories will be a vote for change. But Labour won’t deliver on that demand.

That’s why we need to fight now to throw off all the filth of the Tory years.

The election campaign was uninspiring and tame. There was virtually no debate about poverty, wages, social care or the transformation needed to halt environmental collapse.

Mainstream politicians shrank away from talking about Palestine or the war in Ukraine. Keir Starmer and his coterie buttered up the rich and the corporations rather than pledging to use their wealth for the benefit of workers and the poor.

Starmer began the election campaign by stressing his establishment credentials. “We gave up being a party of protest five years ago,” he declared sternly as his aides bundled a young heckler out from his manifesto launch.

He intends now to rule in the interests of big business and US and British imperialism. We have to struggle back. That’s why even before he enters Number 10 many people think Starmer will be barely different to the Tories.

After the results come in we can guarantee the analysts and the “experts” will be full of praise for Starmer’s “moderate” campaign.

But most of the millions who voted Labour are not signed-up Starmer supporters. They voted Labour because, for example, they want an end to low wages and benefits, bad or ruinously expensive housing and a government steeped in corruption.

At some point that mood will come up against Starmer’s do‑nothing government. Labour’s chief of staff Sue Gray has drawn up what party officials call the “shit list” of potential crises. The Financial Times newspaper says it includes “bankrupt councils, public sector pay pressure and the potential collapse of Thames Water”.

The paper worries that “a new Labour government will come under pressure to offer generous wage increases to trade unions that enjoy close financial ties to the party”. Let’s hope it does face such campaigns and we can stop union leaders from squashing them.

Votes matter, but the crucial struggle isn’t the elections or cuddling close to establishment politicians.

The democracy on offer this week was highly limited. We didn’t have any vote on who is in charge of the real levers of power in society and who owns and controls the economy. We can’t vote on the actions of the top cops and the generals.

This is a time of crisis. As we see in France, holding together the “centre” of politics won’t stop the rise of racism and fascism.

Pro-system measures won’t deliver the change we need. On 5 July we can cheer the end of the Tories.

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