By Thomas Foster
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Tory manifesto of racism and attacks on the poor

Tax cuts would be funded through a £12 billion assault on benefits
Issue 2809
Rishi Sunak stroking small dog with a blue rosette

Even the dog looks unhappy with Sunak (Picture: Rishi Sunak on Twitter)

The Tories launched their manifesto on Tuesday, a document full of assaults on migrants and the poor.

It confirmed the Tories as the open party of bosses and imperialism, with tax cuts funded by savaging benefits and pledges to boost military spending.

It’s also a last-ditch attempt by Sunak to salvage his crumbling campaign, with Nigel Farage’s Reform UK snapping at the Tories’ heels.

In the dirtiest search for votes, Sunak promised a “regular rhythm” of refugee deportation flights to Rwanda every month—starting in July.

It will be a “relentless, continual process of permanently removing illegal migrants,” the manifesto proclaims.

And it pledges to make it harder for migrants and refugees to block their removal by so-called “spurious challenges”.

It doubles down on introducing a “a binding, legal cap on migration” that “will fall every year of the next parliament”.

The Tories have no genuine solutions to the hardships facing ordinary people, so they peddle racism to deflect from their own system’s toxic effects.

And as well as targeting migrants and refugees, the Tories promised their government would “make clear that sex means biological sex”—an attack on trans people.

In an effort to lure people facing hardship, the manifesto pledges another 2 percent off the national insurance for workers. That will produce zero benefit for 17.8 million adults with income below £12,570, or who are pensioners.

The total cost of this and other tax cuts is £17 billion. The manifesto claims that £6 billion of funding will come from cracking down on tax avoidance—why haven’t this been done during the last 14 years? And what about the tens of billions more tax the rich avoid and hoard in offshore accounts?

What about the vast hauls made from corporate payouts and dividends—collected by people such as the Sunak family?  

The Tories also want to cut £12 billion from welfare. They want to make it harder for people with mental distress to access disability benefits, tighten the assessments for work capability and crack down on sick notes.

In other words, the Tories will try to force people into low paid jobs.

As welfare is cut, there will be more for warfare. The manifesto promises to hit 2.5 percent of economic output spent on the military by 2030—that means £11 billion more by 2030.

“Security is essential for success,” said Sunak at the launch rally. And the manifesto pledges to “boost the UK defence industrial base” with “at least £10 billion of investment in munitions production” over the next decade. 

The aim is to “become the largest defence exporter in Europe by 2030”.

It’s a celebration of war, death and destruction. The Tories openly declared that they would fight for British imperialism and do what was necessary to defend the interests of the British ruling class.

The manifesto is also full of anti-environment promises.

The Tories promise yearly licensing rounds for oil and gas production in the North Sea. Sunak attacked “unaffordable eco-zealotry, ” meaning real ecological action.

The world is burning and the Tories are promising to let it burn. We need drastic action in the next decade to prevent climate collapse, not net zero by 2050 at the Tories pledge.

Yet Keir Starmer’s response to the Tory manifesto was to accuse Sunak of producing a “Jeremy Corbyn-style manifesto”.

Instead, it’s a pro-boss, pro-war and racist document.

We need to fight for a total break with the broken politics of the mainstream parties.

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