By Charlie Kimber
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Who to vote for and the key battles to come

While voting is important, the real fight takes place outside parliament after the election
Issue 2912
Millions will vote for Labour but don't endorse Starmer (Photo: flickr/RachelH)

Millions will vote for Labour but don’t endorse Starmer (Photo: flickr/RachelH)

Socialist Worker urges everyone to use their vote on Thursday to smash, exterminate and snuff out the Tories. Then dance on their grave.

We know what’s to come from Keir Starmer’s government will be continuity not transformation. Labour’s campaign has been uninspiring, flat and cagey.

That’s because it doesn’t want to upset big business and the right wing media. Starmer intends to govern in the same way, offering no fundamental shift.

But we should celebrate a shattering defeat for the open party of big business, austerity, war, NHS cuts, racism and support for Israel.

It will bring an end to the era of the Tories’ 16 illegal parties during lock down  while people couldn’t visit their dying relatives.

It will turn the page on a decade and half of cruel Tories implementing cuts. It’s why they came into politics—as well as looting the Treasury for their individual enrichment.

Let’s hope it’s the Conservatives’ worst defeat since 1997—165 seats, or 1906—156 seats, 1754—106 seats, or even fewer than 100 seats.

It’s a sure bet that seeing your class enemies tearful and broken is a pleasure to look forward to.

But we need to do more with our votes. We urge people to back candidates who stand with Palestine. And that rules out many who have shamelessly supported Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza.

And we also have to look for candidates who oppose all forms of racism and oppression and will be part of the fightback after this week.

There is a small number of socialists and independents who fit these standards and we hope they win the biggest votes possible. But we also know it’s hard to break through the media concentration on the main parties or to overcome the idea that voting for someone new is a wasted vote.

We understand why millions of people will vote Labour— because it claims to represent the interests of the working class or they think it’s the party of change.

But most of the millions who put a cross against Labour aren’t signed up to Starmer’s agenda.

They aren’t sold on bowing down to big business or think it’s legitimate for Israel to butcher Palestinians.

We also realise why some will vote Green because aspects of its policies are a bit better than Labour’s.

We think many Labour and Green supporters can be won to the important struggles that will come after this week.

These include fighting for more money for the NHS, ending arms sales and all support to Israel, removing the two-child benefit limit, abolishing anti-union laws and pay and benefit rises for all.

And because the turmoil on the right can rebound to the advantage of the racist faker Nigel Farage and Reform UK, we need a big and militant anti-racist movement.

The 27 July protest against fascist Tommy Robinson is a vital first step. It will need to be followed by many other battles against fascism, Reform UK and state racism.

The future will not be decided on 4 July. The real struggles will be fought in the streets and the workplaces. Labour—left and right—compromises and retreats because it puts parliament and votes first.

Making the struggle as effective as possible means building a movement independent of Labour, and building a revolutionary socialist party focused on resistance outside parliament.

We fight against, for example, climate chaos, austerity, racism, war and police violence.

We want an end to capitalism and are battling for socialism.  If you agree with us, then join the Socialist Workers Party.

Back these candidates

Socialist Worker encourages support for election candidates who campaign for the Palestinians, against racism and austerity and for the rights of the oppressed. 

Our list includes:

  • Aftab Nawaz, Walsall and Bloxwich 
  • Andrew Feinstein, Holborn and St Pancras
  • Claudia Webbe, Leicester East 
  • Dave Nellist, Coventry East
  • Emma Dent Coad, Kensington and Bayswater 
  • Faiza Shaheen, Chingford and Woodford Green
  • Jabu Nala-Hartley, Oxford East 
  • Jeremy Corbyn, Islington North
  • Kamel Hawwash, Birmingham Selly Oak 
  • Leanne Mohamad, Ilford North 
  • Maxine Bowler, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
  • Michael Lavalette, Preston 
  • Muhammed Ali Islam, Bradford West 
  • Nandita Lal, Tottenham 
  • Perveen Hussain, Halifax
  • Sam Gorst, Liverpool Garston 
  • Tanushka Marah, Hove and Portslade
  • Tony Wilson, Oldham West, Chadderton and Royton

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