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What UKIP doesn’t want you to find out

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TEN THINGS you should know about the UK Independence Party:
Issue 1904

TEN THINGS you should know about the UK Independence Party:

1 Robert Kilroy Silk, candidate in the East Midlands, accused Arabs of being ‘suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors’. The BNP has wished him ‘good luck’.

2 London mayoral candidate Frank Maloney refused to canvass in Camden, saying there were ‘too many gays’ in the area.

3 The party’s manifesto was co-written by Aidan Rankin. He also writes for the Third Way, a breakaway from the Nazi National Front.

4 Mike Nattrass, chairman of UKIP and its West Midlands regional organiser, is a former member of the far right New Britain Party.

5 Scottish executive member Alistair McConnachie told party members, ‘I don’t accept that gas chambers were used to execute Jews for the simple fact there is no direct physical evidence to show that such gas chambers ever existed.’

6 Multimillionaire businessman Paul Sykes has promised to fund the party by up to £10,000 a day.

7 Heading the UKIP list in the North East is disgraced former Tory MP Piers Merchant, forced to resign after a sex scandal.

8 Another UKIP candidate in the North East is ex Tory MP John Brown. Brown was suspended from the Commons in 1992. He lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

9 Joan Collins has endorsed UKIP. She lives in St Tropez.

10 Failed explorer Ranulph Fiennes backs UKIP. He lives in tents in Antarctica.

In this week 15 years ago 1989

ON 4 June Chinese troops massacred protesters in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. An inspiring revolt by students and some workers had shaken the Chinese rulers and their backers in the West. The demonstrators were demanding democracy and action over the economic hardship in the country.

Several thousand people were killed when China’s leaders drowned the Tiananmen Square protest in blood in order to break the revolt.

Empty vessels make most cash

SUPPLY TRUCKS criss-crossed Iraq hundreds of times. Their drivers were forced to dodge bullets and home-made bombs. But the trucks were completely empty. A newspaper in the US has reported that the truckers drove empty trucks so their employer could bill the US government.

The men worked for Kellogg Brown and Root, a Halliburton subsidiary. The firm was paid $327 million for the supply of what became known as ‘sailboat fuel’.

Who grabbed pensions money?

AS THOUSANDS of pensioners struggle to live, the department supposed to pay them has spent £300 million on management consultants. The government is spending ten times as much on consultants as it was four years ago. Last year the money paid by the Department of Work and Pensions to consultants rocketed from £169.5 million to £291.5 million.

itter fruits of racism

THE GOVERNMENT’S desperation to act tough on migrants is having some unwanted side effects. Without an influx of some 2,000 farm workers in the next few days, Britain’s harvest of strawberries and raspberries may rot before they are picked.

David Blunkett recently shut down a visa scheme that migrant workers from Eastern Europe have relied on since 1945. The visa freeze was a panic response to recent press hysteria over alleged visa fraud in Romania. Many farms have links to colleges.

Students work for a few months to earn enough to pay for their studies. But this year they have been denied visas. Farm owners say the whole food chain will break down if the restrictions are not lifted soon. Supermarkets are now threatening to source berries from outside Britain.

One firm affected by the visa freeze is Tiptree, jam makers to the queen. It normally employs 150 students during the strawberry season. This year only nine Bulgarians arrived before the visa freeze.

Truth lost in post

REMEMBER that Dispatches Channel 4 documentary on Royal Mail? The film claimed to be a ‘fly on the wall’ account of workers at various London delivery offices. It alleged that postal workers were dishonest. The only concrete evidence offered was two Barclaycards which were, it claimed, stolen by an organised group of thieves working in Royal Mail.

It has now emerged that these cards never entered the Royal Mail system. They were sent out by private courier. The CWU postal workers’ union is now demanding that Channel 4 admits that its allegation that the cards were stolen from Royal Mail was unfounded.

The union adds, ‘It is also interesting that the film-makers will not hand over other material that was edited out of the ‘investigation’. The programme took a high moral tone, saying that these evil-doers must be found and punished. ‘So why won’t they provide further evidence about these people? Unless, of course, they don’t exist.’

Figure it out £1 million

That’s how much disgraced former chair of Shell Sir Phillip Watts received as a payoff. Watts was forced to resign when it was revealed he knew Shell was exaggerating its oil reserves.

Who says?

‘Thanks for what you do to make a strong enterprise culture and thanks for what you do every day for the world economy.’

GORDON BROWN to US Treasury secretary John Snow

‘Iraq is the shadow over our support, there’s no doubt about that, there’s no point in disputing that.’

Tony Blair

‘Only after his team engaged the well-armed enemy did it appear their fires diminished.’

US army citation for decorated dead soldier and football star Patrick Tillman

‘The investigation results indicate that Corporal Tillman probably died as a result of friendly fire.’

US army admits the truth about Tillman’s death

‘The image of America the liberator has been replaced by the image of America the torturer. The atrocities at Abu Ghraib can no longer be dismissed as isolated incidents.’

Michael Lind director of the American Strategy Project

‘I’m also upset about those people whose wedding got bombed in Iraq last week and people being dug out from under the mud in the Dominican Republic.’

Tracey Emin gets the destruction of her art in a fire in perspective

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