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Far right feed off marches in Europe over Covid laws

Far right feed off marches in Europe over Covid laws The far right is gaining from frustration over how governments deal with Covid, argues Yuri Prasad

After Rittenhouse verdict—‘no justice, no peace’

A supporter of Karl Rittenhouse stands in front of a US flag with a placard Free Kyle Far right gunman Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of murder on Friday

International round up: Far right takes early lead in elections

International round up: Far right takes early lead in elections A far right lawyer who wants to crack down on indigenous people and migrants will face a former student leader in Chile’s presidential elections run-off next month.

US sanctions starve over 24 million Afghans

US sanctions starve over 24 million Afghans ​​​​​​​Tens of millions of people in Afghanistan face famine as international economic sanctions on the government—led by the US—bite.

Indian farmers push back Modi’s laws, but battles remain

Indian farmers in tractors and other vehicles take the streets during a protest in 2020. Militant protests have shown the hard right prime minister can be defeated

Regime attacks revolution in Sudan, as protesters in Britain show solidarity

Regime attacks revolution in Sudan, as protesters in Britain show solidarity Saturday had been announced as a massive show of force by people protesting against the coup

Strikes hit Sudan and defy military

Resistance against the military coup in Sudan continues despite repression

Ethnic divisions laid by elite fuel war in Ethiopia

President Abiy Ahmed ruled by divide and rule—which could now mean his downfall

Disillusion with Biden sees Republicans win shock election victories

A recent national poll found 44 percent strongly disapproved of Biden and only 19 percent strongly approved of the job he was doing.

Portuguese left government falls after it fails the working class

The Socialist Party government has been hailed by some on the left as a positive example, but it has collapsed

Israeli border police beat and arrest protesters for defending graveyard

Israel has launched a new assault on Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem—with plans to destroy a Muslim cemetery to make way for a new Israeli “national park.”

Biden breaks promises on climate and spending

Sophie Squire explains how in the run up to Cop26 US president Joe Biden is abandoning some key pledges and toning down others

How can the revolution win in Sudan?

With extraordinary courage ordinary people have been defying a military coup in Sudan.

Sudanese protests and strikes resist coup in the face of military repression

Demonstations and workers' actions are sweeping across Sudan to confront the military coup that took place on Monday.

Protesters hit streets to confront a military coup in Sudan

Huge protests gathered in Sudan’s capital Khartoum and other major cities at the start of this week in response to a military coup.

International round up: Floods in Greece and India result of ruined ecosystems

Devastating damage caused by wildfires in Greece this year has now given way to ­widespread flooding.

Unions hold mass rally against fascists in Italy

Italy’s unions rallied last Saturday, calling on the government to ban fascist groups involved in the previous weekend’s violent protests against a Covid health pass.

Right will rule unczeched after election without opposition on the streets

The mainstream press hailed the Czech elections last weekend as another defeat for right wing populism.

Italian local elections do not mean the centre is secure

The death of populism was proclaimed in the English press after the Italian local elections. Perhaps.

Support the South African metal and engineering workers on indefinite strike

South Africa’s biggest metal and engineering union has launched an indefinite strike over pay and conditions.

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