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100,000 at the World Social Forum

This article is over 20 years, 5 months old
Indian novelist and campaigner Arundhati Roy was among the keynote speakers at the World Social Forum which began last weekend in Mumbai, India. She spoke to the opening rally
Issue 1885

‘LAST YEAR at the Asian Social Forum we came together and said ‘Another world is possible’. But George Bush also thought ‘Another world is possible’.

Their project was for a new American century and policing a disorderly world, and the creation of a new imperialism.

Debating imperialism with these people is like debating the pros and cons of rape. The US has complete hegemony. We are caught between the cruise missile and the chequebook of the IMF.

Unless you let the multinationals take your resources they will give you war. Half a century after the end of colonial domination, poor countries have to repay those who wrecked their countries.

No single country can stand up on its own. If we are really against imperialism we should concentrate on Iraq. It represents both imperialism and neo-liberalism.

And we need a global victory. We need to agree that we must not only support the resistance in Iraq-we should become the resistance in Iraq. Every US multinational doing business in Iraq should become our target.

We should consider ourselves at war.’


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