By Mohamed, Afghan refugee in Calais
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Afghan refugee speaks out as French cops raid Calais ‘Jungle’ camp

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Issue 2492
Refugees shelters have been destroyed
Refugees’ shelters have been destroyed (Pic: @HelpRefugeesUK)

The police are currently evicting people from the “Jungle” in Calais. They are going round telling people they have one hour to leave. So far this morning, Friday, they have destroyed five or six shelters.

People are scared. The police are threatening them.

There are 50 or 60 police vans here. Why would they need 50 or 60 police vans in the jungle?

The only reason is to scare people. The police are forcing people to leave by terrifying them.

Cops in the camp today

Cops in the camp today (Pic: @HelpRefugeesUK)

The government-run container camp - access by fingerprint only

The government-run container camp – access by fingerprint only (Pic: Socialist Worker)

They are telling people just to get out, either to the government-run container camp here or to accommodation centres elsewhere.

But the container camp has nothing. There are 12 people put in one container with no water, no shower and no toilet. And the accommodation centres they can only go to for a month—so where do people go afterwards?


We don’t know because the authorities keep lying. For example, to get in the container camp you have to give fingerprints.

They promised this was only about getting hand measurements for opening the doors of the camp.

But since then two people who got across to Britain have been sent back, because the fingerprints they gave had been sent to the authorities there.

We are humans, and we need to be treated like humans. That’s my message to the British government.

We are fleeing our countries because of wars started by these governments. They created the problem.


We were told that Europe is the land of human rights and democracy, but now we are here we don’t see it.

Even dogs are treated better than we are.

I’d like to thank all the ordinary British people who are helping us. All we can hope is to push the British government—it has to do the job.

Britain spends millions of pounds every year on border controls—on security, on fences. It means people are risking their lives to get across illegally.

The money spent only swells the profit of the people traffickers. They used to charge £2,000 to take someone across, now it’s £8,000 or £10,000.

It would be cheaper, easier and simpler for everyone if people could apply for asylum and get across legally instead of putting lives in danger.

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