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Aid cuts to Palestine herald more attacks and land grabs

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Issue 2619
Trump has personally intervened to hand Jerusalem to the Israeli state
Trump has personally intervened to hand Jerusalem to the Israeli state (Pic: Matt Johnson/Flickr)

The US has cut more than £150 million in aid to Palestinians to pressure the Palestinian government to give up more rights.

A senior US official said the order came from president Donald Trump.

It is supposedly in response to the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) refusal to end payments to the families of Palestinians killed or imprisoned by Israel. The PA believes it’s part of a plan to make it sign up to a deal that could hand more Palestinian land to Israel.

And the US was also set to announce a new policy of recognising the existence of only half a million of Palestinian refugees as Socialist Worker went to press.

This would deny millions more the right to return to the land they were expelled from 70 years ago.

The state of Israel views their return as a threat to its existence because it would mean the end of its Jewish ethnic majority.

Now a deal being prepared by Trump’s government would see all of Jerusalem handed to Israel—and probably swathes of the Palestinian West Bank too.

Meanwhile an offer to the PA will still not grant the Palestinians a state. It will leave the Israeli military in charge of “security”.

Trump said last week that the Palestinians would get “something very good” in return for Jerusalem. But he followed his promise up with more attacks, showing any deal will be bad news for ordinary Palestinians.

The only solution is a single secular state in Palestine with equal democratic rights for Arabs and Jews.

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